Poochini's Barkery Newsletter August / September, 2010.

caniHi Everyone...Hot News from the Barkery!

It's hard to believe, that summer is almost over and the children will be back at school.
It has been a very busy time for us at Poochini's. Many of you have been customers of Poochini's since the meager beginnings at the original Farmer's Market and have been
witness to ever so many changes from tent to trailer to store on Main Street to a combination of all three. Today, we have the two locations operating at the Aurora and Newmarket Farmer's Markets on Saturday and of course the Main Street Store which is Open 7 days a week. We have one rule. If we are in the store, WE ARE OPEN AND WILLING TO HELP YOU no matter the hour.
Our quaint little store has changed yet again and hopefully for the last time. Our groomer, Barks & Bubbles has moved to a larger location, allowing us to move back into our Cooking Centre. This will allow for the display of more retail stock to satisfy your needs. As most of you know, we started out creating a variety of Holistic Dog Treats with the finest ingredients gathered from our Local Farmers. Many of our customers asked if we could supply their dog food. While space is limited, we have worked out a method of you ordering your dog food by a NEW TIME of Tuesday afternoon for delivery and pick-up on Thursday.
Happenings... Of A Pet Store...
caniWe have added a few new lines to our in-house stock. We usually have an assortment of; Wellness, Whole Earth Farms, and Fromm Foods. We have recently added Canadian Made, Cani-Source Dog Foods made from Human Grade -70% Beef, 30% Vegetables, Fruit and Grains dehydrated raw. Added to our food line is Pet's 4 Life, a complete diet of meat (beef, lamb, rabbit) - poultry (chicken, duck and turkey) plus salmon. They come in convenient 1 and 3 pound containers and can be bulk ordered in 10 and 25 pound boxes. Simply thaw and serve; a great way to achieve a well balanced Raw Diet, without mixing or paying for excess weight of water and blood.

More great news. So many of you have had your pets on Addiction Raw Dehydrated mixes of food from New Zealand. There used to be a Distributor for Eastern Canada, however, the dependability of solid source was next to impossible. For a period of time I was importing the Addition from New Zealand through Vancouver...Costly for sure and very time consuming. I have now connected a new distributor in Eastern Canada who will deliver your needs every two weeks. This will include the Addiction Raw Dehydrated, Wild Salmon & Venison Kibbles and Hypo-allergenic Kangeroo N' Apple. They will also offer a Frequent Buyer Program! We also carry and order in Halo, Ziwi Peak, BFF (Best Feline Friend), Weruva, Solid Gold and Wysong Brands.

Next... We are looking forward to carrying Darford "0-G" Zero Grains Food. What makes this exciting is their concept of "buy for 1 and feed 2" program. Over the past 4 plus years, we have been supporting the Georgina Animal Shelter. Poochini's along with Corporate Sponsors have supplied the shelter with several thousand pounds of Dog Food. and treats. "Our customers are simply the best!" When they asked for help, you responded. The shelter is always in need of gently used towels, blankets, animal beds plus general office supplies-pens, paper etc. Darford food comes in a box with an additional package attached on top. When you purchase your food, we take off the second package, place it in a hamper and when it is full, we deliver it to the Shelter. Finally, there is a company that has by-passed the bottom line issue! History in the making...

The Poochini's Difference... Our foods at Poochini's are rotated weekly or bi-weekly. You, as our customers, are entitled to fresh stock with long expiry dates and not just skids of food that wait for sale and replacement. I would encourage each of you to "check the expiry dates".
One customer came in with a bag of food bought elsewhere locally as a gift for their puppy. Upon research with the manufacturer, it was noted that the product was produced in late 2007, purchased in 2010 and very rancid. The store would do nothing to assist them.

While I don't profess to know everything with respect to health and nutrition, I do make every effort to attend live and on-line training sessions when available on the up-to-date issues regarding the care of your pet. What I don't know, I have a number of qualified resources to assist with your concerns.

New Pawducts at Poochini's... Collars, Leads, Harnesses and more. We now have an extensive display of Lupine Collars and Leads for Dogs and Cats-guaranteed replaced for "FREE" without question or receipt.. even if chewed. Lupine will be your first and only collar and leash requirement.

We also carry - custom designed - butter soft leather collars and leashes with your choice of embellishments and if desired matching identity tags!

AND NOW... the latest in "WACKY WALKR'S" the world's first and only Resistance
Walker, voted number one by the American Veterinary Association and as one of OPRAH'S favourites. Gone are the sore shoulder's and arms from the Tug Tug Tug*! The first customers to purchase them, simply love them. They actually do provide the dog with double exercise.

Every once in awhile, you come across some really neat products that you simply have to try. We found Sadie & Mitz is one such product called "Luxury Pet S'paw Products" They are made right here in Ontario and will be part of out "New Fall Line-up" We have just completed some consumer research and testing. The female scents are called "Flirty" while the male scents are called "Dirty Dog" They come in Shampoo and Conditioner, Conditioning Mist and Shake A Paw for both Female and Male Dogs. Sprinkle around their beds and area carpets as an area deodorizer. Many customers thought these would make a nice Christmas Gift Package for a relative cat or dog!

We also have a small assortment of necessities like Halo Ear and Eye Wash, Joint formulas, Digestive aids, and a few other products which will be part of our "Petraseuticals Supplies."
Poochini's Has Cattitude!
caniWe now have a fairly comprehensive list of cat food and supplies. We stock litter, treats & toys and can get you other products you desire. It might be of interest, that most of the regional stores get their supplies from the same truck and supplier as Poochini's and at the same pricing. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible. A number of our customer's also have requested that we get supplies for their rabbits, birds, ferrets and other small rodents. We have no problem in doing this for you. Let us know what you need and we will help make it a one stop shop.We will also deliver "free of charge" to areas local to Newmarket/Aurora.

And finally...

By demand, we will once again produce yummie doggie safe
Thanksgiving and
Christmas Dinners...

On the menu for this Thanksgiving will be a tail waggin, jowel smakin TURKEY STEW, made with locally raised turkey, fresh local seasonal vegetables and a generous dollop of Stewed Apples on top with a cranberry Musli Muffin and a Personal Pumpkin Pie for dessert!
all packaged in a microwave safe serving container. Made right here @ Poochini's!
$8.00 or 2/$15.00

OCTOBER 3rd, 2010

As I write this, the menu for Christmas is not in place!!!

Watch for our line-up of our Wheat, Soy and Gluten FREE treats including In-house made Turkey and Beef Jerky!

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Towel & Food Drive
As fall approaches, we will again be asking for your donations of towels, blankets and beds. Last year, we collected two van loads of these most treasured items. What does this mean? Simply, that shelter animals will be able to cozy up in their cages while waiting
for a loving home. The folks at the shelter are truly grateful for all donations.
You can drop off any items you have for donation at Poochini's and we will make runs to the shelter. Also if you wish to donate food, we are offering to purchase food at cost and donate it in your name! For safety reasons, the shelter will not accept open bags of food.

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