Pops of Spring

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and everything seems fresh and new.
As the weather changes, the sun comes out, and the windows are opened, it's a good time to make some changes around the house to freshen its look as well. We can't let Mother Nature have all the fun!
Here are three easy and inexpensive changes you can make in your home this spring:


A few of our current favorite neutrals
Whether you're planning to sell or stay in your home, paint can be your best friend. Wall color is a major player in the design scheme, and a new coat of paint instantly freshens up a room in a big way. But be careful, as color is also a fickle friend: walls are the largest surface area in a room, so if the wall color is wrong (even subtly so), you've got a missed opportunity at best, and a glaring misstep at worst. 
To protect against this, walls should take a supporting role instead of being the star of the show. The right support is what lets the real star shine; after all, where would Lucy have been without her Ricky? For the stars of your decor to shine, they need the proper backdrop. A complex neutral can be just the right thing to get the well-designed look you want.


Fall/winter pillow scheme
We have to admit, we have a slight pillow problem here at Chancellor. But with good reason! It's surprising how much impact a well-designed pillow scheme can have. Changing pillows twice a year can update your whole home for the seasons, adding a freshness for spring and summer and a cozy look in the fall and winter. The two options you see here can single-handedly take one room from winter to spring.

 Pillows give you endless customization options for almost every room in the house. You can use them on couches and chairs, benches and beds...any seating area that could use a spot of color.
Spring/summer pillow scheme
(for the same room)
For spring, choose pillows or pillow covers that feel fresh and new to you, whether that's bright colors, bold patterns, fun prints, or a mix-and-match combination that fits your design scheme. Fitting into the overall scheme is key. Some rooms take well to changing up pillows, but others don't. For this to work in your home, you need some freedom in your design scheme to make decor changes that still fit. This is one way a supporting neutral wall color really fulfills its role!

Pretty Accessories
Accessories provide the final decorating touch in a room, and changing them up is another great way to give a room an instant update. You don't have to change everything, though. Most rooms have one or two areas where the decor is more prominent: the coffee table in the living room, a dresser or vanity in the bedroom, and the dining room table are some examples. Changing the accessories on these surfaces can make for a simple, but impactful, update to the room.
For spring-like decor, consider bringing in some outdoor elements. A nice vignette that includes a vase or other pretty container with flowers or blooming branches can brighten up a room. If flowers aren't really your style, choose accessories that complement the rest of the room's decor but still feel like a refreshing change-a way to capture the feeling of spring inside your home. 

So there you have it. Three easy updates that can get your home ready for its spring close up. Which one is your favorite?
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