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Vol.8 No. 6
February, 2015

playing session will be Friday, February 20th, at 7:00pm. 
Come join us!
Be ready to play at 7:00pm sharp in the "Dining Room" (lower level) of TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont  Ave., Portland, OR.  Bring instruments and music stands.  For more information, go to our

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Laura Kuhlman

Vicki Boeckman

Phil Neuman

Gayle Neuman

Zoe Tokar


Remember, TaborSpace is our new venue!
See you there this Friday at 7pm!

TaborSpace is located within the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at 5441 SE Belmont Ave, Portland, Oregon.  We rehearse on the lower level in the Dining Room.

Please note that parking at the Tabor Space is easy!  Use their lot with the entrance on 54th Ave.  You may enter the building on the walkway directly across from the parking lot entrance.  Come in those doors on the lower level and look for the second door on the right, the "Dining Room".  No stairs required!


Notes from our Music Director
I've heard good reviews about our new playing rooms at Tabor Space. I believe our needs will be met within the beautiful surroundings. A brief reminder to use the available parking lot to the west of the church. If you do park on the street, please be very aware of the driveways! Don't park in front of them!

This Friday, our playing session will be led by a PRS favorite, Vicki Boeckman. Vicki's talent for leading fun and interesting music goes without saying but we will say it anyway. It is always a treat for us to have have her lead and here is what she has to say:

Greetings Everyone from Vicki!                        


I am so excited be back in Portland and have the opportunity to lead you all in the new venue! Hard to believe that we are already in the middle of February of this new year. Daylight savings time is just around the corner and The Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat is but a blink away! Buds are popping, birds are singing, the light and longer days are undeniably returning, and there is a renewed jauntiness to our step. In that regard, I have chosen music that is cheerful, whimsical and jaunty.


We'll start with a 7 part Sinfonia by Stefano Bernardi who was an Italian priest, composer and music theorist working in Verona and Salzburg in the early 1600s. Then we'll shift gears and move on to a piece composed in 2009 called BEG Capriccio by Dietrich Schnabel, who leads a youth recorder group in Garbsen, Germany. The play on words - or in this case notes - is that he uses the first three letters in the group's name throughout the piece in various note lengths: Blokfl�ten Ensemble Garbsen. B = Bb in the Germanic language. An entertaining 10 part piece written for their 10th year jubilee. Then we'll end the evening with everyone tapping their toes out the door to Ken Andresen's Boxwood Bounce.


Looking forward to seeing you all again.

If anyone would like parts ahead of time, please don't hesitate to contact me.



See you soon!

Thank you, Vicki! It is going to be a fabulous evening of playing, so grab your instruments and join in on the fun!

See you all come
Friday, 7 p.m., Tabor Space dining room!
Play on!
Laura Kuhlman


Upcoming Playing Sessions
Friday, March 20th, 7 pm - Phil Neuman conducts at TABORSPACE
Friday, April 17, 7 pm - Laura Kuhlman conducts at TABORSPACE
Friday, May 15, 7 pm - Members' Night at TABORSPACE

Congratulations to our Scholarship  Recipients!

We are thrilled to be able to offer two full scholarships to the Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat this year, funded by the Jeanne Lynch Memorial Scholarship Fund. Our distinguished recipients are Maureen Beezhold from Corvallis, and Patti Carter from McMinnville.  We hope you take advantage of everything the workshop has to offer!

Please RSVP for the new NOVICE PRS Group

Do our Friday night PRS sessions make you nervous about keeping up?  Do you feel like the music gets too hard too fast?  Have you stopped coming to PRS because you were frustrated or feeling in over your head?  We have good news for you!  Starting January 23rd, I will be offering a novice-level break out group during the second hour of our regular Friday night PRS sessions.  It will be at TaborSpace in a smaller room nearby starting at 8pm.

My intention is to slow things down and work on troubleshooting common difficulties with our instrument as well as exercises to improve our rhythm, tone production, and ensemble playing skills.  We'll work on some of the same music the larger group is playing, but also some of our very own.  If you are new to C or F fingerings, want to learn to play alto up, or just want easier music to play, this group is for you!  Please do contact me if you have questions or comments, I'd love to know if you were planning on coming!

Zoe Tokar
Recorder Orchestra of Oregon Report

We had a great opening rehearsal in our new Tabor Space digs. We have a great group of 20 talented recorder players. We are exploring music of Glen Shannon, Vaughn Williams, Andieno Banchieri, and Andrew Melville. Our next rehearsal will be Monday, February 16 at 7 p.m. Our debut concert will be this coming May. We are ironing out details as I write.

Our rehearsal this Monday will run right up to 9 p.m. We will rehearse Lacrimae Tango and Mountain Mosaic the most with a read through of the third movement of English Folk Song Suite. Be prepared for many stops and starts. Alas, the task of concentrated rehearsing but we can do it because we are the Recorder Orchestra of Oregon!

Questions? Need help with your part? Just want to tell me how much you love me? Email or call.

Play on!
Laura Kuhlman

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Upcoming Events and Concerts
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for this column.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit events to:  newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org

The Oregon Renaissance Band "The Song of the Birds" Friday, February 20th, 2015, at 7:15pm: Programmatic music including Janequin's "Le chant des oiseaux," Byrd's "The Battell," Senfl's "Das Gl�ut zu Speyer" (The Sounds of Speyer), and Isaac's "A la battaglia". Community Music Center, 3350 SE Francis, Portland. Part of the CMC Family Fridays Series.



Jordi Savall with Hesp�rion XXI and Guests

Monday, February 23, 2015 * 7:30 pm Kaul Auditorium, Reed College  

Co-presented by Friends of Chamber Music, Portland Baroque Orchestra & Cappella Romana. Jordi Savall is an exceptional figure in today's music world. One of the most multifariously gifted musicians of his generation and a revered viola da gamba player, he is one of the principal architects of the current revaluation of historical music.



Music from the Ottoman Empire in dialogue with the Armenian, Greek & Sephardic traditions.



The Port Townsend Early Music Workshop   
July 5 - 11, 2015,  Tacoma, Washington
Our fantastic faculty offers classes in technique and consort playing for recorders, viols, and "buzzies," as well as topics from Medieval Music to Baroque ornamentation to Jazz improvisation and percussion, and traditional music from the Balkans and Armenia -- brush up on some favorite composers or try something entirely new!

Join us on the beautiful campus of the University of Puget Sound.  Private bedrooms in shared suites in a non-smoking building, with plenty of places for informal consorts to play.  The city of Tacoma offers many amenities and attractions, including the Museum of Glass, easy access to Puget Sound, and close proximity to Mt. Rainier.

Registration is now open! 

Classified Ads
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for these ads.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit: newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org

The 20th century recorder repertoire can be both expressive and lively, and trios in that genre offer a fascinating interplay between three equal voices.   Looking for good SAT players to read through and work up this refreshing repertoire   -- e.g., Staeps, Hindemith, Genzmer, Barab, Gal, etc.  Strictly one-to-a-part; good sight reading skills will come in handy.  For fun, perhaps performance.  This appealing repertoire offers plenty of musical bang for the buck!  Contact Jas Adams, jadams@teleport.com; 503-349-0840.

For Sale: Mollenhauer "Kynsecker" alto recorder in F at 440 in pearwood. The Mollenhauer Kynsecker recorders are based on originals by Hieronymus Kynsecker (1636-1686) in the German National Museum in Nuremburg, and feature a strong, rich beefy tone and a full two-octave range. Excellent stability in low register. Great all purpose consort instrument for pre-baroque music. Blends well with other renaissance recorders, "Dream" recorders, other Kynsecker brands. Sells new for $707, asking $507, only owner, bought from Bill Lazar in 2007. Contact Zoe Tokar at zoetabbycatz@gmail.com or 971-235-1060.
Bass recorder for sale: PRICE LOWERED!
The Oregon Coast Recorder Society would like to sell their Roessler Bass. It is direct blow and we think it is pear wood. It was reconditioned by Von Huene Workshop in 12/11 and has a padded suitcase-style case. We are asking $400. Call Jane at 541-994-5198 or email:  jane.boyden@gmail.com
Tenor recorder for sale:  Beautiful American cherrywood Gerhard Huber Model III Tenor recorder in C. This is a keyless, ergonomic recorder with bright, clear, focused tone in like new condition, played very little. Comes with hard, fitted case. Purchased in 2012 for $1136 from Antique Sound Workshop where it was custom fine tuned (custom fingering chart included). $800. Contact Stan in NE PDX: stanhoffman@mindspring.com.

Sheet music for sale, never published before:  Baroque recorder music by Babell, Carissimi, Corelli (attrib.), Fede, Finch, Fiocco, Paisible, Rosier, Schickhardt, Steffani, Torri, and Vinci.  Edited and published by PRS member David Lasocki, recipient of the American Recorder Society's Distinguished Achievement Award.  Also books on recorder history.  Go to www.instantharmony.net.

Bass Viola da Gamba for sale: small size, excellent vibrant timbre,
no maker's name, good condition, 6 string.  $1100.  Contact Phil
Neuman at pneumantartold@gmail.com.


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