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Vol.9 No. 5
January , 2016
The next PRS playing session is Friday, January 8th, 7:00pm.  
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Be ready to play at 7:00pm sharp in Muir Hall of TaborSpace, 5441 SE Belmont  Ave., Portland, OR.  Bring instruments and music stands.  For more information, go to our

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Laura Kuhlman

Vicki Boeckman

Phil Neuman

Gayle Neuman

Zoe Tokar

Notes from our Music Director
I have to say, my ears are still ringing with the sounds of Christmas music and I am not so sure I want to give that up just yet. Yep, I am one of the few that love Jingle Bells! Another thing I really love is the new year. Clean slate and all that. It is kind refreshing and like a kid looking forward to what is yet to come. 

Yesterday, I was in my music library looking through music and thinking, "Oh, that would be fun to play. No! Look at this one!" Or, "What was I thinking when I bought this?!" Luckily, there weren't many tunes like that. I found a lot of gems and I am hoping you will like them, too!

I'll bring a smattering of selections in a variety of styles that will range from the Renaissance to the 20th century.  We will start with some easier four part setting of Suzanne un jour and Fors Seulement, both huge hits during the renaissance and put to music by such composers Ockeghem, des Prez, Pipelare, Verbonnet, Obrecht, Pirson, Brumel and Agricola. And that's just to name a few!

Following that extraviganza of love, virtue and death, we will change directions to play some crazy fun tunes by Andrew Charlton. How can you resist a piece called Pipe Dreams or Commodious Rag?! There's a part for everyone so come on out and play. Soft double reeds and strings are always welcome!  

If you want music ahead of time, please let me know ASAP! It is going to be a great year and I am excited to share it playing music with all of you!
See you all come:
Friday, January 8, 7 p.m., Dining Room in the basement! Bring a stand light if you need more light!

Play on!
Laura Kuhlman

In Review for Yew!
I like to be exposed to new ideas, new recordings, new ensembles, new shoes...really just about  anything new fascinates me. I thought I would share just a couple new to me items.

While driving home from a ROO rehearsal, Susan Campbell and I started talking about "wrong notes" and how they can sometimes derail a practice session, a rehearsal and dreadfully, a performance. Some people are so terrified by the prospect of making a mistake that they actually give up playing music all together! How dreadful! Now, personally, I could never give up music but I am plagued by self doubt and beating myself up for mistakes.

Susan introduced me to a book that leads us down the path of musical training and learning to unburdening ourselves of constant self-criticism. The book, The Perfect Wrong Note by William Westney explores traditional teaching and learning practices that have taken away the free spirit and magic we knew as early learners. Now, this is not to say that we should never strive for artistry, however, we are human after all. There are some wonderful practice room techniques that I am going to try myself and with students. The book is available on Amazon and you can get it used for under $10. Or you could probably get it at Powell's and even that building called a Library!

Just this past week, I had a superb experience playing with the Oregon Renaissance Band. Playing with me for the first time was Portland's own Hideki Yamaya on lute, guitar, and tiorbino. What an absolute treat for me and the audience. I was so enamoured with his playing, I bought one of his four CDs on sale at the concert. I chose, Ludovico Roncalli: Works for Baroque Guitar. The CD is packed full of enchanting Italian works for baroque guitar by this relatively unknown composer. Hideki brings to life these works, one after the other (all 46 tracks!), with thoughtful artistry. The liner notes are well written and also full of carefully researched historical information by Hideki, which is another reason I love to buy CDs rather than download. Roncalli is a wonderful CD to have playing while doing most anything. I look forward to purchasing more CDs from another Portland gem! Visit his website so you can get a copy for yourself!

What is your something new? Do you have a CD, a book, a piece of music you have discovered? Write a short review and I will print it here in the PRS newsletter. Next month, I will review some music I found in my library while trying desperately to get the piles off the floor! I know you know what I am talking about! ;)
Upcoming Playing Sessions

Friday, February 19, 7 pm at Tabor Space - Vicki Boeckman leads
Friday, March, 18, 7 pm at Tabor Space - Laura Kuhlman leads
April 1-4 - Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat, Corbett, Oregon
Friday, April 8th, 7pm at Tabor Space - ARS board joins us!
Friday, May 6th, 7pm, location TBA - Member's Night!
Recorder Orchestra of Oregon

Music has been distributed and I know all my ROO-mates are feverishly practicing their parts before the first rehearsal...hint, hint! :) We have some very cool music for the Spring concert and you will not want to miss it. So mark your calendars for Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 6:00 pm.
Rehearsals begin again on Monday, January 11, 2016. If you are interested in joining this merry band of recorder players, please contact me and we can arrange an audition. As Tony Bodet said, "We'll leave the light on for you" or for us: "We'll save a chair for you!"

Laura Kuhlman
Music Director, ROO

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Upcoming Events and Concerts
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for this column.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit events to:   newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org

Community Music Center: Early Music Ensembles
Phil and Gayle Neuman and Cindy Markham offer excellent sessions for recorders (all levels), voices, renaissance winds and mixed consorts (including strings!). Register online or at the center. For more information go online or call: 503-823-3177.
Musica Maestrale
Lessons of the Dark: Sacred vocal music of Francois Couperin
Arwen Myers & Catherine van der Sahn, sopranos
Max Fuller, viola da gamba and Hideki Yamaya, theorbo
Friday, January 29, 2016, 7:30 pm
First Christian Church, 1314 SW Park Ave., Portland
Adults $18, Seniors $16, Student $10  www.musicamaestrale.org

The Oregon Trail Trio "Old Meets New"
Gayle and Phil Neuman and Mick Doherty will play and sing
songs from the era of the Oregon Trail, including a campaign song written by Oregon's famous suffragist Abigail Scott Duniway, on
banjo, hammer dulcimer, flageolets, serpent, violin, tuba, and more. Tickets include a fabulous gourmet dinner. It will be at a Portland
home featured in Dwell Magazine. Friday, January 29th, 7:30pm
Part of Friends of Chamber Music "Dinner with Friends" series.
See website  for more information.

"Music of Denmark"  Madrigals, hymn settings, renaissance dances, polkas, by Danish composers including Truid Aagesen, Carl Nielsen, and Bent Fabric. Dulcina Ensemble: Laura Kuhlman, Gayle and Phil Neuman, and Aage Nielsen will play Danish music from the 12th century to the 20th century on rebec, viol, douçaines, sordune, bandora, guitar, violin, flute, bass flute, gittern, citole, fingerhole horn, alto trombone, bagpipes and voice. 
Sunday, February 21st, 3:30pm
Faith Lutheran Church, 926 W. 6th Ave., Junction City, OR. Repeated on Sunday, March 20th in Seattle. For more information contact Aage Nielsen.

Winds and Waves Workshop
The 18th annual
Winds and Waves Recorder Workshop is  April 30-May 2, 2016, Saturday through Monday, with the Faculty Concert on Friday evening, April 29. Locations are the beautiful Sitka Center for the workshop and St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church for the concert. Faculty are Frances Blaker, Letitia Berlin, Cléa Galhano and Sitka recorder resident, Alison Melville from Canada.
Workshop registration opens Monday, January 11 at 8:30am. Tuition is $270 and includes one adult ticket to the faculty concert. General admission tickets to the concert ($15 adult and $5 student) will also be available through the Sitka Center. In addition, this year we are able to offer two Jeanne Lynch Memorial Scholarships. One will cover tuition and provide $150 toward living/travel expenses, and the second will just cover tuition. Information about how to apply will be on Sitka's website in January.
To register or for more information, go online or call Sitka at 
541-994-5485. Space is limited to 45 participants. So please be aware that spaces are filled in the order received and registration fills up rapidly. Hope to see you in April!
Classified Ads
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for these ads.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit: newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org
Sheet music for sale, never published before :  Baroque recorder music by Babell, Carissimi, Corelli (attrib.), Fede, Finch, Fiocco, Paisible, Rosier, Schickhardt, Steffani, Torri, and Vinci.  Edited and published by PRS member David Lasocki , recipient of the American Recorder Society's Distinguished Achievement Award.  Also books on recorder history.  Go to www.instantharmony.net.


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