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Vol.8 No. 2
October, 2014
The next playing session will be Friday, October 17, 2014 at 7:30pm.     
Come join us!
Be ready to play at 7:30pm in the Community Room of the Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland, OR.  Bring music stands and stand lights if you have them.  For more information, go to our

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Laura Kuhlman

Vicki Boeckman

Phil Neuman

Gayle Neuman

Zoe Tokar


Hello to all from Laura!

I am about to experience my first Portland, Oregon autumn. I love this time of the year because it means crisp breezes, crunchy leaves under my bike tires and more music making with my PRS friends. We are definitely in for a treat this next session as Phil Neuman takes up the baton. Phil's brilliant arrangements of both renaissance and modern music continue to challenge and inspire.

This just in from Phil himself:

I'm really looking forward to directing the PRS session on October
17th.   What better way to spend a rainy (educated guess) evening than to gather at the  Kennedy School to harmonize with fellow music makers!  As always I'll bring a piece that will work great on reed instruments along with recorders and strings.

For this session I'll bring a smattering of pieces in a variety of styles
that will range from the early Renaissance to the 20th century.  We'll
start with a fun and unusual double choir canzona by Rovigo with a
couple of amusing hocket ("hiccup") sections.  Then we'll read the
beautiful motet "Advenit nobis desiderabilis," one of the greatest
hits of the 15th century from the Trent Codex. 

Then, why not add an E to spell Trenet?  Charles Trenet's
1945 "La Mer" became popular in the U.S. as "Beyond the Sea" which we'll play in a 6 part jazz arrangement.  After that, there's no place to go but down, so we'll travel to South America and play Lacerda's fun "Brazilian Folk Melodies."

After all that, what session would be complete without a piece by Gumpelzhaimer? His "Aller Augen" will speak forth in a dazzling array of reeds, recorders, and viols!

Surely, fun will be had by all - hope to see you there!
~ Phil

Hi, Laura here again,

You will not need to bring the folders I handed out last month but I will have several more just in case you did not get one. We will be using them in November and December.

Do bring a stand light if you have trouble seeing in dim light. We love the Kennedy School location but the lighting is challenging!

So don't just think about coming out on Friday, put it on your "Must Do" list and enjoy the evening with friends all around.

As always, if you have any questions about the music or PRS in general, please do not hesitate to click on my name and shoot me an email. If I cannot help you, there is a Board of terrific PRS members to help you.


Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat update

When Jeanne Lynch proposed the idea of a recorder retreat here in Portland, we knew it would be a smashing success. Because of all of you and our recorder friends across the United States, the 2015 retreat is almost completely (85%) full.  Creevey Hall has been fully booked. If you have not sent in your registration and payment, please, please do so right away. There is an exciting faculty, good food and a lot of music to be played. This is one workshop you will not want to miss!

Registration is still open!  Please visit the CGEMR website for all the information and registration form.
Upcoming Playing Sessions
Friday, October 17th - Phil Neuman conducts
Friday, November 21st - Laura Kuhlman conducts
Friday, December 19th - Laura Kuhlman conducts
Phil and Gayle Neuman Workshop

I am quite sure all that attended the Spanish inspired workshop held by Gayle and Phil Neuman in September had a blast. I am looking for any and all testimonials for the November newletter. If anyone has pictures, please send them to Laura.



Monthly Practice Tips


I would like to start a section on helpful practice tips. There is no magic wand that makes playing an instrument any easier...only good ol' fashioned practicing. I happen to like to practice. I cannot say I always like the way I sound but I generally enjoy the time I have my instruments in my hands. I've been playing so long now that my day feels empty when I haven't spent time with one of my recorders, flutes, or even bagpipes!


This is what I have for this month:


Chunk it up! Play in shorter chunks, 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Bad habits thrive and injuries occur when you are fatigued, so it is better to focus intensely in shorter session.  


Create a plan and follow it. Keep a notebook of your progress and what you accomplished.


Slow down and isolate problem spots. If you don't, you are just practicing the mistake into your performance.  


Enjoy what you are doing. Play from your heart. 


If you have a practice tip you would like to share or a question about music/recorder playing you would like to ask, shoot me an email and I will answer in the next PRS newsletter.


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Upcoming Events and Concerts
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for this column.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit events to:  newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org


A concert not to miss....


The Cascadia Loud Band and Musica Maestrale: Laura Kuhlman, Brandon LaBadie, Gayle Neuman, Phil Neuman  


"The City Waytes"  

English Renaissance music for winds and strings


A chance to hear the newly formed renaissance wind band of the Pacific Northwest!  Tickets: $15 adults, $12 students and seniors. Community Music Center (3350 SE Frances StreetPortland)

Friday & Saturday, October 23 & 24 7:30pm. Wine reception to  



Classified Ads
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for these ads.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit: newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org

Bass recorder for sale:
The Oregon Coast Recorder Society would like to sell their Roessler Bass. It is direct blow and we think it is pear wood. It was reconditioned by Von Huene Workshop in 12/11 and has a padded suitcase-style case. We are asking $450. Call Jane at 541-994-5198 or email:  jane.boyden@gmail.com

Sheet music for sale, never published before:  Baroque recorder music by Babell, Carissimi, Corelli (attrib.), Fede, Finch, Fiocco, Paisible, Rosier, Schickhardt, Steffani, Torri, and Vinci.  Edited and published by PRS member David Lasocki, recipient of the American Recorder Society's Distinguished Achievement Award.  Also books on recorder history.  Go to www.instantharmony.net.
Magnamusic is closing its doors and website after 75 years in the music industry! What an accomplishment. They are having a blowout sale of their music. Please visit their website for further information and some excellent deals.


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