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Vol.8 No. 1
September, 2014
The next playing session will be Friday, Sept 12th, 2014 at 7:30pm.     
Come join us!
Be ready to play at 7:30pm in the Community Room of the Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd Ave., Portland, OR.  Bring music stands and stand lights if you have them.  For more information, go to our

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Welcome to PRS Season 8 Opener

Hello PRS members and friends!

It has been a whirlwind summer of travel, workshops, playing sessions with friends and a beautiful season here in Portland. Thank you all for talking to the weathers Gods to let me experience a beautiful PNW summer!

I hope to see all of you next Friday, September 12th as we welcome in the 8th season of PRS. We can gather together to play some fantastic music on recorders of all sizes, capped double reeds, sackbuts and the beloved viola da gamba. Come share your talents and summer stories with your friends of PRS.

I will have music ranging from some of my most favorite renaissance tunes to amusing contemporary selections. There will be parts for those wanting a few notes to those ready to take in as much as they can handle! If memory serves me right, you might consider a battery operated stand light, too! So don't delay, put the date on your calendar, grab a friend or two and come out and play!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to working with all of you.

Laura Kuhlman

Columbia Gorge Early Music Retreat update

As you all know, one of the major events for PRS is the CGEMR, March 13-16, 2015. This year Mark Davenport will join the faculty, which includes Vicki Boeckman, Laura Kuhlman, Gayle and Phil Neuman. Mark is an exciting and accomplished recorder player, whose roots go back to the early days of the recorder movement in New York. Mark's father was LaNue Davenport and Mark grew up with the who's-who of the early music world, so it is safe to say that Mark has recorder in his blood! I have had the pleasure to work with Mark on several occasions and I am sure all of you will enjoy the talents and knowledge that Mark brings with him and is willing to share with everyone.

Registration for CGEMR opens up on October 1st. Please visit the website for all the information!
Upcoming Playing Sessions
Friday, September 12th - Laura Kuhlman conducts
Friday, October 17th - Phil Neuman conducts
Friday, November 21st - Laura Kuhlman conducts
Friday, December 19th - Laura Kuhlman conducts
2014 Member's Night Recap
By Duane Petrowsky

THERE ARE THOSE occasions that arise that allow us to contemplate how truly good we have it.  This last Member Play and Potluck Night was strikingly one of those events.  I was entertained to amazement by the talent many of you so warmly shared with us.  Talk about impressive.  


You all hear me say my motto often enough:  "Good company, good food, and good music, is a good time."  And our members' playing night this year lived up to all expectations of that axiom.


We had a viol consort bowing delightfully.  Boyd, Carol and Judy tooting up a good time.  Susan and Ted at their exceptional best with a swinging Libertango on recorder and guitar.  Los Grillos can and did again entertain with both grand music and delightful humor - something swell about a goose and a cow - you had to love them.  Vicki showed that with a dainty recorder she could keep up with and stay on top of Bill and Laura on flourishing saxophones.  That accordion player too, whoever he was, let us all know we don't have to play perfectly to fanfare a love for the music within us.  The "Baroque" Trio, what a lot of fun Sophie, Zoe, and Susan - certainly you played richly and proved you weren't "broke."  Then that Purcell thing, not only was that unusual piece played to the utmost, you had to be entertained with Laura jazzing up a fine pose in her utmost high heels, with Vicki bopping it out, Susan swaying to the music, and even Judy getting a little groove on.  Then Gwyneth and Bruce - now I don't know where that talent has been hiding out but what a contribution - they sure made those crumhorns sound like preeminent instruments, and are dandy storytellers too.  Then what an end, with Tony playing a fabulous drum while being faithfully accompanied by Laura on bagpipes and Vicki on sopranino (you just had to have been there).  It all just could not have gotten any better!


Oh, and of course, the victuals - I love eating well.  And we were graciously fed as we gathered at the end and so enjoyed each other's company.


Through all the trials and tussles of daily life, we occasionally have those moments to remind us that life is truly worthwhile.  That was again so well done through all y'all giving of yourselves.  All who participated, just by the beauty and pleasure voiced in their performance, left us understanding that there is truly an inspiration of Godliness in each of us.  There is no other explanation.


No exaggeration - What a good time!  A challenge for someone perhaps to consider for next time, if possible, could it be for somebody to come up with a musical rendition of what Patsy Cline may have sounded like if she had actually composed in the Renaissance?  I'm all geared up for next year!


PRO=Portland Recorder Orchestra
The Portland Recorder Orchestra, under the baton of Ellen Mendoza, played their hearts out at several of the Sunday Parkways this summer. It is excellent that the dedicated players of PRO get out into the community and bring awareness to the possibilities of the recorder. Here is a great shot of the the group in action! Thank you Ellen and PRO for doing us proud!

Phil and Gayle Neuman Workshop

The 2014 Early Music Guild of Oregon Workshop "Music of Spain and Mexico" will be Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27-28, 2014 near Oregon City, Oregon.  Open to intermediate and advanced players of recorders, early strings and winds.  Instructors are Phil and Gayle Neuman. Visit the beautiful new website at: www.philandgayleneuman.com or Contact us for more information.


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Upcoming Events and Concerts
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for this column.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit events to:  newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org


A concert not to miss....


The Cascadia Loud Band and Musica Maestrale: Laura Kuhlman, Brandon LaBadie, Gayle Neuman, Phil Neuman and Hideki Yamaya  


"The City Waytes"  

English Renaissance music for winds and strings


A chance to hear the newly formed renaissance wind band of the Pacific Northwest!  Tickets: $20 adults, $15 students and seniors. Community Music Center (3350 SE Frances StreetPortland)

Friday & Saturday, October 23 & 24 7:30pm. Wine reception to  




Hear Ye, Hear Ye



Los Grillos "The Crickets" Renaissance Band with Master B. Holly will be entertaining the peasantry and hoity toities ONCE AGAIN at The Oregon Renaissance Fair, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 13-14.


Please be our esteemed guests at the Royal Pavilion at 11:30, 1:00, and 2:30.


Come see our elegantly crafted Shakespearean dramas enfolding a rich mixture of English, Spanish and French Renaissance music winningly performed on delightfully recreated fine instruments of the time from crumhorns to recorders to dulcians, lutes, rackets, cornamusesn and drums. Enjoy such poetic repartee as "You beef-brained pribbling toss pot" and "Indeed one might spew out fine ale through ones nose if one were so disposed." Hear the elegant lyrics of great French poets such as "Come on, lady, get on with it."


We will be entertaining Saturday and Sunday, September 13th and 14th. Be our esteemed guests at the Royal Pavilion at 11:30, 1:00 and 2:30. 

Master Tony Holly (a.k.a. Tony Peterson) 


Los Grillos in full costume regalia!  They had a busy summer with lots of fun events!  Members L-R:  Tony Petereson, Ron Mann, Rocky Blakewood, Sharon Cheney, Ken Russell, Mary Sullivan, Heather Peterson.  Photo by Dan Hottenroth.


Classified Ads
PRS members are welcome to submit recorder/early music related items for these ads.  Deadline is 7 days prior to the next PRS playing session.  Submit: newsletter@portlandrecordersociety.org

Sheet music for sale, never published before:  Baroque recorder music by Babell, Carissimi, Corelli (attrib.), Fede, Finch, Fiocco, Paisible, Rosier, Schickhardt, Steffani, Torri, and Vinci.  Edited and published by PRS member David Lasocki, recipient of the American Recorder Society's Distinguished Achievement Award.  Also books on recorder history.  Go to www.instantharmony.net.

Magnamusic is closing its doors and website after 75 years in the music industry! What an accomplishment. They are having a blowout sale of their music. Please visit their website for further information and some excellent deals.


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