Patsy Rogers: Portrait of an American Recorder Society Donor  

Patsy Rogers
I was lucky enough to be singing Madrigals when I was 12. I loved the music so much; being one voice among a group of voices gave me a thrill. I sang all the way through High School and College, but rarely played the recorder, not understanding that it was a serious instrument. I trained in college as a composer and was especially interested in writing for voice. I finally had a "eureka" moment when I discovered that playing recorder is just like singing. You don't have to be a soloist, you can be a member of a group and have a wonderful time.
When I moved to "deep country" outside of New York City (Long Island) I hung up a sign in the post office asking if anyone played recorder. Two people responded, women about my age, who had started playing recorder with their children in school. We started a group, which grew and got better. We all joined the Recorder Society of Long Island, where I learned about the American Recorder Society and became a member. I joined the Recorder Orchestra of New York under Ken Andresen, eventually taking over as the conductor. That has been a truly wonderful experience, requiring use of all the various facets of my musical background.
Why do I donate to the American Recorder Society? I think it's my duty to support the organization that supports me. I call myself a recorder fanatic because playing the recorder has been so important in my life. I now play mostly renaissance recorders in a consort, though I also play baroque style instruments in a recorder swing band and several smaller ensembles. Most of the people I play with are members of the ARS and believe that membership in the ARS is important. Supporting the ARS with a donation in addition to my dues is how I make it clear how vital the recorder has been for me. Supporting the organization that supports the recorder just makes sense for anyone who loves the instrument as much as I do.

-- Patsy Rogers

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