Downtown Berkeley Positive Change                                                September 2016

Downtown Berkeley Website Goes Mobile with New Look
We have launched our new mobile-enabled website at with the new look of the "Meet Me Downtown" campaign introduced earlier this year. The website automatically sizes to whatever device you are using, whether a PC, Smartphone or tablet. And it features two sets of menus: the first is for consumers with easy access to ARTS, EAT, PLAY, SHOP, LIVE, EVENTS, and VISIT directories and information; and the other is for stakeholders with access to ABOUT, SERVICES, INVEST, INFO, CONTACT and many submenus. And please email us a photo or logo (305w x 237h pixels in JPEG or PNG file format) that we include in our new online directory.

BART will start to cordon off BART Plaza this week for a $7.6M renovation project that will take approximately 14 months to complete, finishing in late 2017. The project will include a stunning new glass and steel main entrance in front of the Chase Building, and a similar smaller entrance in front of Walgreens. All the old pavers, planters, low walls and benches will be torn out and replaced with new pavers and a clean open design suited for pedestrians, easy access to transit, artwork, and performances. Significantly the path of traffic will bow out away from buildings to allow for sidewalk cafe seating, and new cantilevered LED lights will light up plaza at night, and light and sound poles will enhance a performance environment. 

Pedestrian Counter Pilot Program

The DBA in partnership with Harvest Properties has installed its first automated pedestrian counter in BART Plaza next to the Constitution Square Building. The Eco-Counter PYRO has been operational since July 26, and currently shows about 12,000 pedestrians per day on weekdays, and around 10,000 on weekends. The counters are a valuable tool to measure overall number of visitors to the Downtown, as well as foot traffic data for retailers. 
The counters provide detailed reports on time of day also. Assuming successful completion of this trial program, the DBA plans to roll out other counters in the Downtown area next year with the renewal of the PBID. 

Powerwashing Resumes for a Cleaner Downtown

With the easing of drought restrictions, the DBA has restored powerwashing of Downtown sidewalks. With the restrictions we had to cut back on our powerwashing, and experienced an increase in grime during the past couple of years. DBA Ambassadors are now in the process of detailing all of the sidewalks in the Downtown, removing gumstains and other deep dirt and grime in accordance with health and safety reasons of EBMUD guidelines. We expect to complete the detailed powerwashing of the 106 Downtown block faces by the end of October. Moreover we are working with the City to restore powerwashing of the Downtown corridors also. 

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