Your weekly spiritual uplift message!

Beloved friends,

Recently I saw on Facebook a TED talk by a psychologist. The psychologist said that the human brain has a biological tendency to notice the negative more than the positive, but with work we can shift the overall tendency of our minds toward more positive thoughts.

This, of course, is what Centers for Spiritual Living has been teaching for 100 years. Our thoughts matter! The way we think determines the way we experience life to be. We can retrain our brains to be more positive.

If, when we find ourselves complaining, we shift instead to gratitude and generosity, we become happier, lighter, more positive. Brain science tells us that yes, we are "tuned" to pick up on the negative more quickly because our ancestors were vulnerable to being eaten if they weren't able to do so. Brain science also tells us that repeating a positive thought (affirmation), writing about gratitude, and doing nice things for others helps reinforce what is positive in life.

Next time you find yourself faced with something to complain about, why not perform a random act of kindness or generosity? Why not stop and list for yourself the many MANY things you have to be grateful for? You'll not only be happier, you'll be healthier and feel more abundant too.

That's the miracle of being human: we have the power to shift our perception of what's happening. All it takes is a little positivity!

I'll see you this Sunday!

With enormous love,

Rev. CC
This Weekend

Join us for "Accepting What Is." Life is paradoxical, and there are two things to accept in life: that it is sometimes "just the way it is," and that behind the facts and circumstances lies a deep spiritual truth! When we can accept and hold both halves of the paradox we walk on holy ground!

The Higher Mind Band inspires us, and our kids will be growing in amazing ways! Programs for children and youth of all ages!

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

NEXT SUNDAY, August 20, we'll have a photographer here to take pictures for our new website so come prepared to dance and hug and be part of some beautiful photographs!
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