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Welcome to issue two of 'powder by design'. Our short newsletter comes out only 4 times a year, but is packed full of useful info, tips and real life examples specific to powder coatings for architecture and design. This issue focuses on powders for interiors.

Powder coatings are used on many different applications on the interior of a building - from interior curtain wall to ceiling grids, furniture and racking and shelving. Basically, on anything that is metal! The durability requirements placed on an interior coating are usually less severe, which allows for more freedom when it comes to colors and special effects. Read on for inspiration!

Choosing powder for furniture

Savings, specs and suggestions

Making sure you have the right type of powder in the right color is important not just for the design and durability of the piece, but for your budget.

IFS Coatings has created a series of furniture specifications that outline the tests that the various types of powders will pass, so that you can rest assured the powder will perform to your expectations. So what are some of the basic decisions? Read on for our simple guide.

Indoor or outdoor?

Indoor pieces won't be affected as much by things like UV rays, humidity, salt air and blowing dust or sand. Check out the IFS Standard Polyester Spec and the Polychem Interiors specifications. These specifications will outline what these great quality powders designed for interiors will pass. If the piece is going in a pool room or very bright sun room, you may also want to look at exterior options.


Exterior pieces may need something that offers a little more protection. Sunlight, salt air, and humidity all put a stress on any coating (including liquid paints) and will ultimately fade the color and gloss. Exterior powder coatings have been designed to withstand these weathering factors for longer than a standard powder, and will provide longer protection from fade caused by the elements. Check out the IFS Super Durable specification and the Polychem exterior spec.

What about high use/hard working pieces?

Sometimes even interior pieces are going to face a lot of wear and tear. Choosing a more durable coating or having additional scratch and mar resistance added in can help the coating last longer.


Target duration?

Is the piece expected to last several years, or is it more of a "one year and it's done" item? If a piece is expected to last a long time - either indoor or outdoor - then using a more durable coating will obviously assist.


Will color or effect play a part in determining which product is best?

In some of the ultra durable powder products it is more difficult to achieve some shades, like yellow or oranges. However generally speaking, the furniture industry does not use these ultra durable powders. This means most colors and effects can be created in the required product type. Some Polychem colors and effects will require a clear coat to achieve improved durability or for high use areas. Check our specifications for details.


What tests do you put the coatings through?

We put our coatings through a series of physical and weathering, ASTM tests. Some of the tests we use are outlined below. These tests make up the basis of our specifications. We outline what our pass requirements are and which coatings will pass the tests. These specs will allow you to be confident on what the coating will stand up to.




Impact (steel only)

ASTM D2794/93 2004

Forward/reverse (lbs)

Pencil Hardness

ASTM D3363/05 Scratch

Abrasion Resistance

ASTM D4060/01

Mg weight loss, 1000 cycles

Solvent Resistance

ASTM D4752-10 Stain rating

Stain Resistance

ASTM D1308-02 Stain rating







ASTM G154-06, UVA 340 (Max DE)

ASTM G154-06

UVA - 340 (50% gloss retention @60?)

ASTM G53-93, UVB-313 (Max DE)

ASTM G53-93, UVB-313 (50% gloss retention @60?)

Salt Spray

ASTM B117:09, Creep rating after 750hrs




Constant Humidity

ASTM D1735-08 1000hrs

Max DE

Max gloss change



To receive the IFS furniture specifications free of charge, please contact Fiona at flevin@ifscoatings.com.

Did you know?


There are no toxic compounds in powder coatings.


Make the environmentally responsible choice.

Choose IFS powder coatings.  


Need the complete RAL color collection?


Our sister brand, Polychem, offers three, 3.5ft x 2ft boards with over 400 powder coated panels, including the RAL shades, for $249.99. Get 400 shades on powder coated, credit card size panels, to show your customers exactly the exact color.

For more information contact Fiona on flevin@ifscoatings.com


Uhuru Design sets the standard

Fine furniture and unique pieces turn reusable materials and sustainable coatings into an art form 


Looking out across the water, past the Statue of Liberty, to the iconic Manhattan skyline, it's easy to see where inspiration for Uhuru Design's high end, modern furniture and interior spaces might come from.


The essence of New York City; it's energy, determination, artful blend of old and new, overwhelming positivity, openness to change, and skill in reusing, rebuilding and improving is on show not only in the view from their Brooklyn based window, but in the beautifully designed and built pieces. And a determination to build sustainability into each and every design has also led them to IFS powder coatings.


Environmentally responsible design is at the heart of the Uhuru philosophy and is reflected in the spaces they create and decorate. For example, the Essentials line, consists of 25 core designs distilled from the Uhuru's first decade of work, and features dining tables, coffee tables, consoles and benches that allow customers to mix and match 10 wood species with metal and powder coat finishes of their choosing.


Nico Mezger comments, "We recognize that everything we do leaves a global footprint and we strive to be aware of how we are impacting our environment. Our focus is on creating timeless designs and leaving as little of a global imprint as we can. We choose powder not only for its reliability, durability and ease of use, but for the low impact it has on the environment - no VOCs, no chrome requirement, the ability to reclaim, reuse and recycle - and of course the wonderful array of colors to choose from!"


On wandering around the showroom, the Cyclone Lounger, with its crisp white powder coated metal base really draws attention. The piece is based on the Cyclone rollercoaster, one of Coney Island's last remaining functional rides, which is redesigned in the form of a lounge chair using dark and light Ipe taken straight from the boardwalk, alongside the cool white powder coated metal base that captures the essence of Coney Island. The organized chaos of the ride's structure, flattened to one layer of metal, is clear to see, with the sides connected sporadically to create a dynamic interchange of space and void on the base. 


Mezger continues: "Our clients seek a deeper connection with the products they use and the spaces they inhabit. We believe that each piece conceived, designed, and produced should add to a greater good in the world and this is evident in our focus on reuse, and repurpose to create lasting modern design that adheres to the philosophy of sustainability. IFS Coatings understands this and helps us achieve these goals."


Whatever the inspiration, the outcome is most certainly beautifully crafted, creatively designed modern pieces that just like IFS, work hard to be environmentally responsible.


For more information contact flevin@ifscoatings.com and visit www.uhurudesign.com or call 520.345.7513.

Ne ed IDCEC credits?

IFS Coatings now has an IDCEC approved presentation. Make sure your team is educated on the performance capabilities, color and effect availability and environmental advantages of powder coatings, while earning credits. The presentation lasts one hour, earns attendees 0.1 CEU and can be given in a lunch and learn format.

For more information, call Fiona on 520.345.7513 or email flevin@ifscoatings.com.


New product perfect for interiors

Last month, Polychem powders, an IFS brand, launched their new Translucent collection.

Created with interior designers in mind, the collection showcases 18 beautiful colors that will bring a splash of color to any design, from subtle silvers and brass to eye popping pinks and trendy teals, while still allowing the metal substrate or print to show through.

Lauren Bayer, Polychem describes the coating, "We first showcased it at a trade show, where we powder coated aluminum water bottles, preprinted with our logos, with turquoise translucent powder. The bottles are covered in the translucent powder as normal and the logos are completely covered with powder.  Then as the powder cures, the bottle turns turquoise but our printed logos stand out as if they are on top of the coating. There's also a hint of the raw metal beneath the turquoise - It's a great effect."

The translucent shades have already proven popular being used on retail interiors, pop up displays and promotional goods to name but a few. The powders apply just like normal powder coatings so there is no training required - your usual powder coater will be able to achieve this effect, no problem.

For a sample ring of the Polychem Translucent Collection, contact Lauren on 940.612.0401 or email lbayer@ifscoatings.com.


Powder Coatings and MTS Seating team up to create the perfect product for national chain

Designing interiors for a national chain comes with its own set of complications. It's not just one space, but several restaurants, of different sizes and shapes, that have to look great, meet the design concept, offer comfortable seating and be on brand.


The design team behind the Red Robin gourmet burger chain have turned to MTS Seating for many years, to ensure that the seating used in their restaurants meets all of those requirements.


As the latest remodel is rolled out across the country, an upholstered dining chair named Kilo, the Americana Woods  - a wood seat and back dining chair, the Caf? Twist - a wood back and upholstered seat dining chair and custom swivel barstools with a nail head trim now provide hungry diners with a comfortable place to sit while they eat.


Powder coatings play an important part in ensuring the seating looks fantastic and is on brand, but is also durable and can stand up to the hard working environment of a busy restaurant. Polyester and polyester - epoxy hybrids were chosen, in a warm neutral grey, brown earth tones, and of course red! IFS powder coatings were the obvious choice for MTS


Scott Schutt, MTS Marketing Manager commented "IFS is and has always been a great partner to MTS.  Their quality, delivery and service are exactly what we need when working with design professionals and dealing with a national customer like Red Robin, and the demands of manufacturing a large-scale rollout of furniture. Interior designers love the fact that they can choose from the largest selection of metal framed hospitality seating in the industry (dining chairs, guest room and public)  and that there is a large selection of powder coating colors to go with that. They also love the fact that they are getting an environmentally responsible coating - it's win-win."


For more information or to receive the IFS Retail Environment brochure for free, please contact flevin@ifscoatings.com
Looking for dazzling dark shades?

Look no further


Try out the huge range of dark blacks, purples and greens available in the Polychem Crescent Collection. One of these great shades, available in low, flexible quantities could be just what you design needs. The collection also features metallics and textures - ask for a free sample ring and call 940.612.0401 or email lbayer@ifscoatings.com with your details.

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