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Life is Magic

Jon Dorenbos

NFL Long Snapper - Philadelphia Eagles, Master Magician

Get ready to hear keynote speaker Jon Dorenbos' inspirational story...from sharing his personal life experiences to his NFL stories, and relating them to corporate culture. He will discuss the importance of discipline, teamwork, perseverance and the acceptance of failure in achieving a common goal. In his words, "Live in vision not circumstance."

Guy Bavli...
Master of the Mind
Our Monday Evening Entertainment
Directly following the Monday Evening Reception and Banquet, we hope you will join EGSA as we host a special entertainer, Guy Bavli, Master of the Mind.
For more than 30 years Guy Bavli has been featured in over 400 television shows, performed in 50 countries and has headlined at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Bavli consistently delivers an interactive entertainment experience that will knock your socks off with his belly-laughing humor, and amazing feats of the mind. 
In 2007 Guy Bavli starred in the NBC Primetime hit TV serious Phenomenon, co-starring Chriss Angel and Uri Geller. Today he continues to travel and perform worldwide with his unique performances, conducting to headline shows: Master of the Mind, and Let's Go Mental, in addition to corporate and private performances. His concept is to make the audience the star of the show. Get ready for interactive entertainment that delivers a combination of mystery, humor, psychology and suspense showcased in an amazing multi-media production of sound, light and video.


It's almost time to
Power Your Imagination...

With just a few more weeks to decide whether you will be joining EGSA in Kissimmee, we thought you might like to review our speaker and entertainment roster before you make your final decision!
Your Association has prepared an action-packed itinerary with something for everyone - from industry-specific topics to our great speaker slate - we are looking forward to hosting you.

Won't you join us?

Warm Regards,

Jalane Kellough
Executive Director
Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA)

We are pleased to announce a great slate of speakers for our  52nd Spring Conference.

Brian Ponstein 
Sales Application Engineer -
MTU Onsite Energy

Tyson Robinett
General Sales Manager Power Systems, Central Power Systems & Services

Designing a Reliable & Sustainable  Generator System

This presentation will delve into topics like the time and technology that is invested in designing a genset system, the amount of steps it takes to ensure the development and reliability, and other important subjects like oil make-up systems, fuel storage, redundant communication and sound levels. There are also several "checks and balances" built in during the process to ensure the correct product is being developed and sold.

We hope you will enjoy this role playing presentation between manufacturer and dealer and working together to conduct the perfect masterpiece for the customer!


Jake Jacobsen 
Gas Energy Account Manager,
Ring Power Corp.

Tim Scott 
Sales Manager, Power Generation,
Caterpillar, Inc.

Imagination, Power and Profit 

By imagining a future that is better, with reduced waste going to landfills, with waste being converted to fertilizer and to electricity, Harvest Power is delivering a brighter tomorrow. This example of a modern, and nearby, waste-to-energy facility delivers more than just valuable outputs to the regional community, it provides ongoing value for its owners.


Steve Rizzo
The Attitude Adjuster

Get Your Shift Together

Get ready to SHIFT your life! Who says you have to "get serious" to get everything you want out of life? According to Steve's book, Get Your Shift Together, you simply need to shift your attitude to get the ball rolling, both at work and in your personal life.
In this funny and moving motivational presentation, Rizzo shares the life-changing secrets that helped him confront his fears and shift from a promising career as a stand-up comic to his incredible success as a public speaker. Packed with humor, charm, and mind-altering insights - no, not that kind! - Rizzo's unique approach will show you how to:

* Find the humor in every situation
* Turn negatives into positives - every single day
* Make your workplace the best place to succeed
* Stop being a full-time resident of the Negative Zone
* Face your fears and get on with your life
* Make happiness a choice - and have fun doing it!

Michael Brown
Senior Manager -
Light Tower Rentals, Inc. (LTR)

Ronnie Carroll
Genset Application Specialist - Basler Electric

Creating an Alternate Power Generation Source that Maximizes Efficiency & Redundancy

A Midstream Company required 100% backup power for a gas processing plant. In order to maximize efficiency and redundancy, the decision was made to use 23 360kW generators to provide the grid support, Peak Shave and Black Start power to a gas compression plant. The system was controlled both locally, as well as remotely from over 600 miles away.

The system consisted of 23 generators in 5 groups. Challenges arose with integration of products from multiple vendors who operate from multiple communications systems, genset synchronization, multiple breaker schemes and logic development for three modes of operation.

Ronnie Carroll and Michael Brown will discuss the challenges of this system that was successfully paralleled to utility and took the entire plant load in approximately 18-20 seconds consistently with all generators starting and paralleling across the 5 group breakers.

Drew Johnston
Field Associates, Inc. 

The Anatomy of Success
There are certain basic rules for succeeding in life that undercut all of the peripheral advice and theories normally advanced by go-getting motivational speakers and seminars. This presentation will reveal the common denominators that underlie almost all success in most of the areas where people strive to advance.
These common-sense basis rules unlock the doors to achievement regardless of obstacles, opposition and self-doubt.

Barriers to success melt away when the common denominators are applied rigorously and with skill. Among these fundamentals are the essential qualities of leadership mandatory to succeed in building a successful business group.

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