Turck Introduces Overmolded J1939 Deutsch Connectivity Solution
This fully assembled solution increases longevity and durability while reducing installation time. The newly designed offering provides an ideal solution for mobile equipment and oil and gas applications, where environmental factors such as shock, vibration, cold temperatures, moisture, and oils can affect performance.

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Heavy-duty Connectors
HEAVYCON rectangular connectors are a vital connectivity component for machines and cabinets that require a disconnect point. Phoenix Contact has an industry-leading product offering with in-house production of rectangular connectors. Their efficient manufacturing provides cost-effective solutions to industrial machine builders for I/O (signal), data and power. Furthermore, new HEAVYCON KITS combine five standard components under a single part number, making selection and ordering as simple as possible.

Standard products include:
  • HEAVYCON Housings: EVO metal/plastic, Advance metal/plastic, Standard metal
  • HEAVYCON Inserts: A-, B-, BB-, BBB-, D-, DD-, HV-, HS-, Q-, K- and modular

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VE Series Smart Camera
The cost effective VE Series combines ease-of-use with powerful inspection capabilities. Vision Manager software includes a PC emulator and runtime editing capabilities, providing users with tremendous flexibility in creating and updating inspections. The 2MP imager enables larger fields of view as well as the detection of small objects.

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ABB's New Condition Monitoring Solution for Low Voltage Motors

A new era of remote condition monitoring for low voltage motors has arrived. ABB’s smart sensor picks up data on vibration, temperature and other parameters and uses it to reduce motor downtime by up to 70 percent, extend lifetime by as much as 30 percent and lower energy use by up to 10 percent.

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NBK's Couplings

As servomotor speed response has increased over the years, so has the need for higher performance couplings. Higher speed response has made it difficult to maximize servomotor performance with high rigidity disk type couplings. The NBK High Gain Rubber Coupling is the ideal servomotor coupling solution.
  • Zero Backlash
  • Use Higher Servo Loop Gains to reduce settling time
  • High Torque
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • High Vibration Absorption
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We are pleased to announce that Brian Meyer has joined Power/mation as the Engineering Manager managing our St. Paul Integrated Solutions department. Brian comes to us with 18 years of experience in the automation technology industry. Welcome aboard Brian!