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Most Important Topic -- EVER!

Have Powerful Info to Share -- Will Travel!
by J. Morris Hicks

After fifteen years of studying the "big picture" about sustainability and the future of humanity, I am now ready to travel anywhere in the world to deliver a powerful 45-minute presentation on that topic. 

My next talk will take place in Victoria, British Columbia, on July 23, 2017. (See details at end of post)

And what might that be? I'm talking about the "future of humanity," which is being threatened by our own reckless, wasteful, harmful and grossly unsustainable lifestyle--particularly in the wealthiest nations. 

Why does the media ignore this crucial topic? The short answer is that they can only make money by delivering information that is of great interest to their audience. A more complete answer is provided in my presentation, beginning with these two slides:

Climate change; definitely not a hoax. My presentation includes a great deal of information about climate change, which is what I consider the elephant in the room when it comes to exacerbating virtually all of our environmental issues. Consider that no humans have EVER lived on planet Earth with CO2 levels above 340 parts per million. 

We're now over 410 ppm and climbing steadily as you can see in the next two slides. The first one shows recent history, suggesting that we've not even started the process of reducing carbon emissions; the second slide goes back 400,000 years.

Human Extinction? To answer the above question about the possibility of humans becoming extinct, we need to take a look at history and we also need to take a look at science. In addition, we must deeply explore the role that our food choices will play in the longterm survivability of our species.

The Bottom Line. The contents of this presentation need to be heard and understood by everyone in the world--ASAP. No less than our future as a species hangs in the balance. To help spread the word, let me know if you would like for me to give this talk at a venue near you. 

Remember, you won't be hearing this kind of information on the evening news anytime soon. Call me on my cell at 917-399-9700 to schedule a visit.

Have Powerful Info -- Will Travel!

To view all 63 slides in my latest presentation, click on the first link below. I always download these pdf files to my "iBooks" app so that I can easily refer to them on my iPad or iPhone.

Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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