Beauty Within Skin Care, LLC Announcement
Looking for practical valentine's gift?
Many of you are already adding this great service while you are getting a facial treatment.

Danne's MediPedi treatment removes heavy calluses; rough, hard, dry build-up on the feet. You can see, and feel, the difference in just ONE treatment.

This treatment usually costs $50, but when combined with a facial treatment, there is a $5 savings. Many of my clients already shifted to getting pedicures just for polish change. Why don't you save an extra trip by getting a pedicure treatment?

How about for your valentine? This is the perfect gift for men as well.

Spring forward and put some pep in your step with the DMK MediPedi.
MediPedi only: $50.00

Purchase is easy,click the  Buy Now button. When this Gift certificate is applied with a facial, the extra $5 will be applied for facial treatment.


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