March 14, 2017

I. Groups Will Not Be Held on Saturday, March 18:
Unfortunately, I will not be able to hold the Men's Group and the Dating & Relationship Group on 3/18, as I will attending a psychological conference.  Groups will resume on Saturday, April 1, 2017. 

II. From My Desk:
In the meantime, I recently discovered the following talks that I thought you might find of interest. 

Alain de Botton
The views of this Swiss-born British author and commentator are quite aligned with my own. His "On Love" talk captures well the links between childhood experience and the often negative patterns employed in adult romantic love. 

David Hatfield 
An expert in male psychology, Hatfield provides a poignant characterization of the narrative of vulnerability among men.

Peter Senge 
Author of the renowned book  The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization and notable organizational and leadership consultant, Senge contemplates the impact of systemic processes on core dilemmas of humanity in a fascinating talk that illustrates the significance of interdependence.

I am excited to inform you that I am expanding my practice into executive coaching. Prior to my career in clinical psychology, I worked in the human resources and outplacement consulting fields.   And in my 16 years of conducting psychotherapy, I have engaged with numerous business executives who often sought my ideas and feedback on numerous problems in the workplace -- some of whom ultimately asked me if I could serve as their "executive coach" as opposed to their "psychotherapist." 

Finally, after many of these requests, I have decided to demarcate a distinct segment of my practice to helping individuals address issues in their careers and in the workplace.  While there is indeed overlap between psychotherapy and executive coaching, they are distinct experiences.  

Specifically, my coaching practice will aim to use a customized assessment process (that incorporate psychological measures applied to organizational cultures and workplace dynamics together with in-depth competency-based interviewing) to inform a behaviorally-based phased approach to performance enhancement.  Core issues my executive coaching practice will address include performance change, managing upward, working with challenging subordinates, team building, on-boarding/personal alignment with organizational values and role demands, communication and conflict resolution, and career advancement. 
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