The Power of Pranayama -  A New Workshop at A Gentle Way Yoga
The Power of Pranayama is a New! Monthly Workshop with Kristin Akerele, ERYT-200

Pranayama is the practice of controlling, or regulating, the breath for the purpose of consciously directing your Prana (life-force energy.)

These workshops will offer opportunities to:
• Increase your physical lung capacity
• Recharge the energetic vitality in all aspects of your life
• Find a more even balance in your overall well-being
• Utilize your inherent Prana to bring a deeper awareness to the present moment

See What Students Are Saying
“I will start by saying it was excellent. Kristin’s pacing along with keeping the breath exercises doable and understandable was outstanding. She created a focus utilizing some poses and props that supported the breath work that were very valuable in sustaining the exercises. I believe this is an extremely valuable workshop… I think it is important for students to see how important the breath work is by scheduling time for this practice.” – Gail Braverman

Live in Gratitude with the
Yoga Practice of Santosha
Living Gentle Blog: Yoga Practice of Santosha
By Lanita Varshell, A Gentle Way Founder & Teacher
December 2017
(edited by Diane A. and Shelby S.)

Try the yoga practice of Santosha. A practice of contentment. Santosha is not an emotion, but rather a state of consciousness. It is the ability to remain in the present moment, experiencing the happiness that can be found there, instead of the judgment that you might have once felt when you were so critical of yourself and others.

To experience Santosha:
Practice - being happy in the moment.

Practice - letting go of judgment.

Practice - seeing the light in each person you are in presence with.

Practice - being grateful.

Practice - feeling content.

Practice- being happy.

Even if these things are hard for you to do - practice.
Yoga is a practice.

Yoga for Mommies
Mon Dec 18 | 6:45-8:00pm
"My name is Amber Wilson and I am San Diego certified, born and raised. I have always had a gravitational pull towards Yoga. I finally pursued it in my 20’s with a friend who literally had been doing yoga since she was in her mommas belly. I really fell in love with Yoga during a Prenatal Yoga class in 2011. I was in my second trimester and the instructor said, “Put one hand on your heart and put the other hand on your your babies heart. Know there are two hearts beating as one.”

I am in love with the prenatal and postnatal world. I believe birth matters and you matter. I create a space of non-judgment and comfort for my students. My goal is to create a community for mommas where we can all support, encourage, and empower one another."

Handmade with Love
Vision Board Workshop
Sat Jan 27 | 2:00-6:00pm
Tap into the power of intention. Visualize your best life and create a vision board to use as a powerful vision of change.

Meet new people and get inspired with Amberley and Root to Rise Wellness.
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