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To Know Everything, Admit to Knowing Nothing
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There is nothing so ignorant as the personal ego in humans that believes it knows something or anything about the reality of life.

The personal ego is of itself a figment of the imagination built on limited physical sense perceptions that it exists or even has any reality. How can anything that is of itself a non-reality even begin to attempt to grasp the reality of what life really is, both on a Universal scale and miniaturized down to an individual?

The personal ego binds and restricts an understanding of life as a whole and an individual's relationship to it. Oftentimes, one person, sensing that another person is deluding himself about something, will exclaim, "Get real!" But how can individuals really get real, if what they have to work with --- their personal egos --- are unreal in and of themselves?

The Biblical phrase expresses: "He who loses himself (i.e., the personal ego) for my sake (i.e., Universal Consciousness or God) finds himself (i.e., God, Self, Reality or Christ Self, Mind, or Consciousness of Christ)."

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