Greetings Scouter

About every other month, Prairies Services hosts a live  information and instruction session for Group and Area Registrars, Commissioners and other team members involved in recruiting, screening and training of volunteers and registration of participants.

You are listed as a Group or Area team member, so you're invited! 

If you know someone else who may be interested, you're welcome to share.
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Reminder: Annual Reports and Financial Statements are now due

A guide and templates to help complete these summaries are available on the "Resources" section under "Group Forms" .

An "LDS Letter in lieu of Financial Statement" template is available under "Group Forms" for LDS Groups that do not participate in fundraising and do not receive outside donations (Groups fully funded by the Church).
The Call:  via phone and Skype for Business
Get the latest information and tips on registration, myscouts, screening and training.

Our next call is 
Wednesday, 29 November
beginning at  7 p.m. (Mountain time)

Key Content:
  • Volunteer Registration - myscouts basics
  • "Register Member" vs "Register a Volunteer" vs "Add Volunteer Role"
  • Adding References
  • Adding Interviews
  • Parent Helpers - myscouts basics
  • Your Questions

Please submit questions and topic suggestions (for future calls) to .

Slides/resources will be available on the  " Resources " section under " Registrars' Call slides... " prior to the call for people who’ll be on the phone or can’t attend. 

To join the conference:

Using Skype for Business,  Click here for the meeting link
If you're using this service for the first time, you will be prompted (and need) to download the App. Please aim to do this at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the call.

By phone , please dial:   1.866.219.8638  Toll Free (in Canada)
When prompted, input the participant access code:   5428813  followed by #

Please join us.