May 2017

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Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Life, may the tragic promotion & practice of assisted suicide be stopped. 


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be


Serious illness is one of life’s most difficult challenges, and in such trials, we want to support and provide compassionate care for each other. Some have proposed assisted suicide as a way to do this.

However, far from fostering compassion or choice, assisted suicide fosters discrimination by creating two classes of people: those whose suicides we work hard to prevent and those whose suicides we assist. We don’t discourage suicide by assisting suicide.  What’s more, assisted suicide is bad medicine, a prescription for abuse.

Our God-given worth and dignity can’t be diminished by illness, dependence on others, or any other circumstance. Every person’s life is worth living. 

Acts of Reparation  (Choose one.)
  • Pray the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Life for those contemplating, advocating for, or supporting assisted suicide.
  • Visit someone who is lonely, homebound, or ill. (If you don’t know of such a person, ask your pastor, or go with friends to visit a hospital or nursing home.) Sharing life and living in community gives much-needed support and friendship to those who are suffering.

  • Spend some time informing and equipping yourself to help stop the further legalization of assisted suicide. “Going to Battle Against Assisted Suicide” gives a quick explanation of the landscape and tips for how you can help stop it.

      One Step Further

      Read “Every Suicide is Tragic” to learn more about the dangers of legalizing assisted suicide.

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      Did You Know?
      Equip yourself with fact sheets, videos, and other resources available at,, and

      Visit the Patients Rights Action Fund’s YouTube account for many short videos of people sharing their own powerful stories of why they oppose assisted suicide. 

      Maggie was diagnosed with brain cancer and strongly opposed assisted suicide until her peaceful passing in September 2015. Watch her powerful story 
      of hope and courage.

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