16-30 April 2018
Pray for increased access to the Bible in China; there is huge demand!
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After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the Word of God with boldness
Acts 4:31

We see the that the earliest followers of Jesus placed huge importance on being together and sharing their lives. We often read of them meeting to pray. That's when we see God move.

There is a challenge for us when we look at the early believers. Their desire to be together to pray was perhaps driven partly by persecution but we too must cultivate that passion to meet with God and one another.

It is from a place of God's presence, filled with the Holy Spirit, that we can preach, serve and minister with boldness. 
There is a growing Chinese Lisu Church in the south of China. These are people in a poor rural setting who love Jesus, but cannot afford Bibles at their full cost.
Can I Buy a Bible in China?
There have been reports in some of the Christian media in recent weeks about Bibles being removed from bookshops and online stores in China. This is happening but, as always with the Bible in China, there is more to the story.

The Bible Society team in China explained: "After the end of the Cultural Revolution... the Chinese authorities allowed the Church in China to resume printing and distribution of the Bibles... the Bibles were published by the Church in China for sale and distribution by the legally registered churches... they were not approved for sale by non-church bookstores. Over the years, some non-church bookstores began to sell Bibles and online stores also began to sell Bibles."

What has been happening recently is a reinforcing of legislation and there is no doubt that it will impact access to the Bible for some people. While Bibles can be bought in 78 Bible Distribution Centres throughout China, there is a demand and a need that is simply not being met.

Our colleagues in China point to another factor that has reduced the supply of Bibles. The cost of Bibles in China are often subsidised by Bible Societies around the world through the provision of Bible paper to the Amity Printing Company (which has printed more Bibles than any other press in the world). This funding has been declining each year, meaning that fewer reduced price Bibles will be available for Chinese people who need them.

Please pray for China. Pray for Bible access despite the restrictions and for a move of God to open the doors fully! Pray for the Bible printing partnership between Bible Societies and Amity Printing Company. Pray that more bales of paper will be funded, meaning more Bibles can be made available at a lower cost. Praise God for all that He has been doing in China, for the rapid growth of the church and for the spread of His Word.

Awa's life has been restored through discovering God's love for her. Praise God for many more stories like this from the Braille Centre.
Braille Centre in Burkina Faso
The Bible Society of Burkina Faso has been serving people with visual disabilities for around 18 years, and has come to be recognised nationally as an organisation making a real difference in this area.

Through its Braille Centre in Ouagadougou, it teaches braille literacy to around 100 people each year. This opens up opportunities for blind people to encounter literature for the first time, including Scriptures, and to begin an education. They are also taught agricultural skills and handicrafts, enabling them to integrate into society and experience the dignity of being able to generate income and contribute to their families and communities.

Awa was born blind and experienced terrible treatment until an aunt encouraged her to attend the Braille Centre. Here she learnt to read, how to be self sufficient and went on to train as a teacher, so she could help change the lives of others who are blind.

Pray that others like Awa can learn braille and transform their lives. The Braille Literacy Course is six months long and learners are provided with free training, food and accommodation for the duration. The Bible Society currently rents premises, but these are cramped and inadequate.

The Bible Society has bought a plot of land and has begun construction of a new centre that will provide better conditions for students and trainers, but it has limited funds. Please pray for this vital work. We know that God provides for the work of His kingdom, so thank Him for this plan and pray that all the resources needed will be made available to see lives restored for God's glory.


It is lovely to see a little more light about and feel the temperature begin to rise. It won't be long before church groups slow down for the summer but our team still have some great opportunities to speak to churches and church groups before then!

Speaking Engagements
Tue 17 Apr, 11.45am - Catherine is speaking at the Irish Baptist College.
Wed 18, 8pm - Leah is at Moneymore Presbyterian Church Midweek.
Sun 22 April, 11.30am - Catherine will be at Ballyrashane Presbyterian Church.
Sun 29 April, 11am - Catherine is speaking at Elkana Christian Fellowship in Carryduff.

Other Events
Sat 21 April, 8pm - '5 Ordinary People' musical at Market Place Theatre, Armagh (featuring the story of Mary Jones - the girl who inspired the beginnings of Bible Society movement.) see more or book tickets HERE
Sat 21 April, 7.30pm - A Spring Concert with King's Chorale choir. Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast. Proceeds to Bible Society NI.

Wed 18 April - AJ2 will be in Donemana Primary School with 110 pupils.
Tues 24 April - AJ4 will reach 200 pupils in Ballinderry Primary School.
Catherine has bravely signed herself up to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon - pray for her and get behind her!

Catherine is running for a fabulous Literacy project in Cambodia that she visited last June. You can find out more about sponsoring her here. 

Our latest appeal is for the same project so you can find more information here, or get in touch for some copies for the material.

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