5-19 Mar 2018
Praise God for 'Faith Comes by Hearing' Bible listening pragrammes in prisons in Togo.
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' My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.'
John 10:37-38 (NIV)
God's Word speaks today. Through it we hear God's living voice, yet so many still do not have the Bible, have never heard of Jesus or are hindered from accessing the message. That is why Bible Societies around the world continue in ministry.

We want the world to know the security we have in Jesus, the joy of salvation and a relationship with the living God.

This is a message worth sharing and Jesus is the 'good shepherd' worth following. As we lean in to lent and all that means for us, let's continue to pray that many others will come to know the good shepherd who 'lays down his life for the sheep.'
team at the bookfair.JPG
Some of the team from the Bible Society at the Bookfair in 2016.
Back to the Bookfair in Bahrain!

The Bible Society in the Gulf had a stand at the Bahrain bookfair for the first time in 2016. There were over 300 publishers from 20 different countries and the Bible Society were the only Christian publishers there. They really did not know how they would be received by the visitors or even the other publishers.

However, the response was so positive that they are returning to the bi-annual bookfair this year.   In 2016 they had a stand with an exhibition telling people the history of the Bible and selling Bibles in various languages. The most surprising thing was that all the Arabic Bibles sold out!

Please pray for the Bible Society team of staff and volunteers who will be looking after the stand in the bookfair between 28th March and 7th April. This is a Muslim environment into which God has opened a door. The team were made very welcome the last time and we pray that they will be this year also. Pray for God's hand upon them and a real sense of the Spirit giving them the words to speak.

Pray that people will express interest and will approach the stall and that many Bibles will be sold, taken home and read. Pray that God will reach into many hearts and homes through this wonderful opportunity to make the Bible available and known.
Pray for Argentinian Translators
Argentina floods 2013
Flooding is not unusual in Argentina. This was taken in 2013 and gives some idea of the damage that can be done.
News recently reached us from Argentina, asking for special prayer for a team of natives that have been working on the translation of the Bible to the Toba del Oeste indigenous language in Argentina.

Three of the translation team - Ana, Osvaldo and José - live in Churcal village on the banks of the Pilcomayo River. At the end of January, the water level in the river began to rise uncontrollably, and within a few weeks, it had burst its banks and river water poured through the village destroying so much in its wake.

Praise God that the translators' computers suffered no damage and were taken to a safe location. However, there is just no way that their work will not be hindered in some way. Besides the personal difficulties for their families, some of their reference books, dictionaries, biblical commentaries and study Bibles were completely destroyed.

Rode Classen, a journalist working with the Argentine Bible Society, invites us to pray for Ana, Osvaldo, José and for their families. He also asks for prayer for the rest of the team working on this Bible translation as they will all need wisdom and provision in this challenging season. This situation will mean changes to their work plan and their budget. Ask God for his mercy and provision for the whole team and the work. Pray that they will see God turn this around for His glory and their good.
Women_s listening group
Women's listening group gathered around a Proclaimer.
Togo is Listening

The Bible Society of Togo wants to reach everyone in their country with the Word of God. One way they are doing this is by helping to set up 'Faith Comes by Hearing Groups'.

For people who have never learnt how to read, the best way to engage with Scripture can be by listening to it. This can be done using a device called a Proclaimer - a wind-up audio Bible. The Bible Society of Togo is helping to supply these Proclaimers to people all over the country, and helping people to use them by setting up Listening Groups.

People can gather together to spend time listening to the Bible in their own language. They then have the space to discuss what they've heard and ask the leader questions. Setting up Listening Groups seems like a simple project but it is having such a huge impact on people's lives - and it's growing. 'Faith Comes by Hearing' is now running in eight languages in Togo and has groups in churches, schools and prisons.

Thank God that last year, over 200 new Listening Groups were started. Praise him for the opportunities he has given to the Bible Society of Togo. Pray that even more people would go to the Listening Groups and that their lives would be impacted by the words that they hear. Pray specifically for the Listening Groups held in prisons. Thank God for the permission to do this and pray that God's words of forgiveness would bring light into these dark places.

Our Bible-a-month project for March is focusing on the listening groups in Togo. See more about the project, or how to become a Bible-a-month partner here.

It has been good to have the opportunity to spend some time with colleagues from other Bible Societies. We had visitors from The Bible Society of England & Wales, and the Scottish Bible Society. It is always great to spend time deepening the relationship with our neighbours. We also were blessed by a visit from Hrayr Jebijian from the Bible Society in the Gulf who left us inspired and amazed by what God is doing through their work in very difficult places.

Please pray for Catherine and Leah who are both busy over the next few weeks with lots of opportunities to speak to churches and groups.

Speaking Engagements
Mon 5 Mar, 7.30pm - Catherine is speaking at Irvinestown Methodist Church at their MWI
Tue 6 Mar, 8pm - Leah is at West Church Ballymena Presbyterian PW
Thu 8 Mar, 10.30am - Leah is at Glengormley Methodist Fellowship Group
Thu 8 Mar, 8pm - Catherine is at Sallaghy Mothers' Union, Lisnaskea
Sun 11 Mar, 10.30am - Catherine is at Christ Church Cathedral, Lisburn
Sun 11 Mar, 11.30am - Leah is at Legacurry Presbyterian
Mon 12 Mar, 8pm - Leah is at Albany, Brigh & Stewartstown Presbyterian PW
Tue 13 Mar, 2pm - Leah is at New Mossley Presbyterian Ladies
Tue 13 Mar, 8pm - Catherine is at Tempo/Clabby Mothers' Union
Wed 14, 8pm - Leah is at Ballinderry Presbyterian PW
Sat 17, 7.30pm - Catherine is at Saturday Fellowship in Bangor
The office will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 19th March.
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