5-19 Feb 2018
Praise God for opportunities to share Bibles with military personnel in Honduras.
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'...contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.
Jude v 3b (NRSV)
Sometimes it is good to be reminded that we are called to 'contend for the faith.' Let's not rest easy hoping that others will 'go' and do the stuff. Rather, we all have a circle of influence, we all live with a witness - good, bad or indifferent - and we all carry the presence of Jesus with us wherever we go.

We are often challenged by the boldness of colleagues working in challenging circumstances. People who follow Jesus with great conviction as they 'contend' for God and His Word within their communities. Bible Societies are finding wonderful opportunities, reaching people from other faith backgrounds, people living in indescribable poverty or those who are steeped in crime. Jesus makes all the difference!
This family left their demolished home in Aleppo for the safety of Europe.
Austria- Migrant Ministry

We just had to share this recent email from Dr. Jutta Henner, General Secretary of the Austrian Bible Society. She begins, 'With this email I thank your Bible Society and your supporters for your ongoing support for our project "Bibles for refugees, asylum seekers and those ending up in detention centers or prisons".
Jutta tells us that while the initial wave of refugees from Syria and Iraq has come to an end, there are still newcomers. There are now family-members joining relatives as well as those who remain, waiting for their asylum-applications to be processed. There are also those whose asylum has been denied and they are facing whatever that means for them.
In this mess, God is graciously drawing people to himself. Many refugees from Iran or Afghanistan are asking for Bibles as they are longing to learn more about Jesus Christ! Many have joined churches (of all denominations) taking part in baptism preparation classes.
A few weeks ago, a secular newspaper in Austria, contained an extensive report about the increase of adult Baptisms across the denominations in 2017. Of the 1,230 adult baptisms, easily three quarters are of Muslim background and refugees/asylum seekers from Iran and Afghanistan.
The Austrian Bible Society gives Bibles to each new believer who is a refugee or asylum seeker. Bibles are given out through churches helping refugees, some are distributed through the International Meeting Point in Vienna or similar places.
Please pray for Christians from Muslim backgrounds in Austria and for the local Churches that are trying to welcome them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God that even in this situation, he is bringing lasting good for the Kingdom.
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Police officers are beginning to explore the Bible together.
Breaking through the violence in Honduras

Honduras is in a state of political unrest with protests, riots, looting and violence. People are angry, fearful and often hungry! Yet here, in one of the most corrupt and violent places on earth, God is at work.

For the last few years we have been supporting work in Honduras to reach prisoners, the police force and the military. We learnt so much about this when Jorge Gomez, General Secretary from the Bible Society in Honduras, popped in to visit us in the autumn. You can see a news item about this on page 3 of our latest magazine.

Jorge and his team have seen an increasing interest among the police with more and more officers requesting Bibles. A partnership has grown with the Christian Police Ministry and Bible study groups are being set up. There is also an increasing interest in a more formal presence of army chaplains in all the military bases as a result of Bibles being distributed. Authorities see that the Bible helps soldiers develop principles and values.  Over 16,000 police and military are now attending spiritual meetings nationwide. There is a hunger to study the Bible.

There are two maximum security prisons in Honduras and God has opened the door wide. The Bible Society team have now been able to offer the Bible to every inmate and more than 2,000 maximum security prisoners now have personal Bibles. Praise God that throughout all the prisons, 10,000 detainees meet weekly in groups for Bible studies with a Christian leader. Praise God that through partnerships, the impact of the Word of God is evident in the lives of those who are being reached. 
Pray for Elhomwe speakers in Malawi
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This family are eagerly awaiting a full Bible to read and study.

Seeing a Bible translation project coming to its end is the most exciting thing! Then comes the final checks, typesetting, printing, promotion and distribution... there are so many steps but it is worth every moment of effort to bring God's Word to people who are without it!

In Malawi, one particular translation team has just finished their work. The last meeting with the translation reviewers was held in December and all books have now been translated into the Elhomwe language.

Thank God for the partnerships that make Bible translation possible as there are so many stages to move through. Pray for the team of translators who have worked on the Elhomwe Bible. Now they will move on to something else. Pray that God will open doors of success for them as they find other work to do. Pray for the remaining work of manuscript examination and typesetting of the Elhomwe Bible.

While the translation continued, small parts of the Bible were published so that Bible Study groups could be introduced in different areas. It is wonderful that there are Elhomwe speakers who are eager and ready for the Bible when it is published.
Pray for the final stages of producing the Elhomwe Bible. Pray also that all the programmes of the Bible Society in Malawi will lead many to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We really appreciate your prayers for the following meetings and speaking engagements. Pray for safety in travel, encouraging conversations and an impact for the kingdom, no matter what the occasion may be.

Mon 5 Feb, 6pm -  The Bible Society NI Finance Committee.

Speaking Engagements
Tue 6 Feb, 7.45pm - Leah is at Harryville Presbyterian PW.
Wed 7 Feb, 3pm - Catherine is at Drumcree Parish Senior Citizen's Group.
Sun 18 Feb - Catherine is at Seaforde and Ballee Church of Ireland
Sun 18 Feb, 7pm - Catherine is at Irvinestown Methodist, Global Vision Service.
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