15-29 May 2017
The Bible Society of Jordan is sharing God's love with children.

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"I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."
Psalm 9:1 (NIV)

Whenever we hear good news we are eager to share it. Something that brings us such joy - the news of a new grandchild or of a friend recognising God's love for the first time - these things make us smile and we can't wait to tell our friends and family about it.

In the Psalms we are reminded to say thank you to God and to tell people about the wonderful things He does. We hope that today you will use Prayer Circle to help you do that. Read the following stories and give thanks to God for the incredible things He is doing. And then tell people about this! Share this good news with your friends and family, with your church or prayer group.

God is so good - let's tell of His wonderful deeds!
Children in Jordan are learning about God's love.
The Hope Team in Jordan
The Bible Society of Jordan (BSJ) is spreading God's joy and making children realise just how wonderful it is to feel the love of God.

Joining with other charities in the Jordan Valley (one of the poorest areas in Jordan forming the border along Israel and the West Bank) BSJ has set up a programme called 'The Hope Team'. This programme aims to change the wrong perceptions that children have about Christianity, brought on by a lack of education about Christianity in the public schools and a lack of direct contact with Christians.

Recently a group of sixty non-Christian children aged between 6 and 12 completed the four week programme. They were fascinated by the programme and the materials used, and were eager to attend each week to hear about God's love. One of the BSJ team members said "We saw the joy and the impact it had on them to see such love from people whom they thought were their enemies was a big surprise for them. Our biggest challenge was that the number of kids in the Jordan Valley was so big that we could not minister to all at once, but we plan to go back and minister to another group."

Thank God that so many are discovering what it is to be loved by Him. Circumstances are not easy in this part of the world but BSJ are faithfully working to shine God's light. Pray for this team in Jordan as they share the Bible with children. They want to build a new generation with real understanding about who Christ is and what Christianity is really about.
Frida found courage through the 'Good Samaritan Programme'.
Frida's Story in Zambia
In some African communities most physical disabilities are seen as a curse given to the family. In most instances a child with a physical disability is hidden away from their community. This is Frida's story...

When Frida was growing up she knew that she was different. Her community, and even her own mother, treated her differently to everyone else. She was referred to as 'dog'. Frida had no self-esteem and her mother's words of "you will never amount to anything but bring shame on the family" repeated in her head.

Frida is now 32 years old and her life has been transformed. Last year she attended a 'Good Samaritan Programme' group run by the Bible Society of Zambia. This group, sensitizing the community about HIV through teaching and Bible study, had been specifically set up to include persons with disabilities. 'The Good Samaritan' has given her courage and strength and she now knows more about her HIV status. Frida has a husband and two children and she lives without fear, knowing that she is a person with a physical disability but with a right to a life of good quality:

"I thank God for such programmes that are encouraging people like us who did not have hope for anything, but through such programmes we are able to have courage and change our story."

The 'Good Samaritan Programme' not only helped Frida but her community too. Slowly her name changed from 'dog' to 'helper' as her family realised that she was a Good Samaritan to them.

There are many millions of people with a story like Frida's who are still waiting to find the hope that she found in the Bible. Please join with us to pray that the 'Good Samaritan Programme' will continue to grow and reach people of all ages and abilities. Specifically pray for those with a physical disability that are not shown the love that they need. Pray that communities in developing countries would learn to be Good Samaritans.

What a difference a year makes!

The Global Scripture Access Report tells us that more and more people are receiving the Bible.
In the office in Belfast we are always excited when we receive the annual 'Global Scripture Access Report'. Our global connection of 'United Bible Societies' works hard to collect data from all over the world to show people just how far the Good News is being spread. The report has just arrived and there is much to give thanks for! 

You can read the full report (click the link) but here are just a few examples...

  • In 2016 translation work was completed in 61 languages. 17 communities now have their very first Bible. 
  • Over the course of a year Bible portions in braille were made available in Spanish, German and Kirundi.
  • Bible Societies have been working so hard to put the Bible into different sign languages. The work that has been started has the potential to reach 12.1 million deaf people who at the minute have no access to the Bible at all.
  • The Digital Bible Library now has 1474 Bibles, Testaments and Portions in 1134 languages. This means more people will be able to read the Bible on their smart phone or tablet.

Join us in our excitement and praise God that He is doing incredible things through Bible Society ministry all over the world! Thank Him for every translation completed, every Bible portion put at the fingertips of people who are blind, every Bible verse signed, and every Bible downloaded onto a smart phone. A year ago we might not have imagined so many millions more people would have access to God's Word - praise God that He does far more than we can ever think or imagine!


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The Bible Society NI offices will be closed on  Mon 29th May.
Speaking Engagements and Events

Thank you for keeping Catherine and Leah in your prayers as they travel about Northern Ireland telling people about the work of Bible Society NI. They love getting the opportunity to inspire and challenge people with stories from all over the world. It's wonderful that they get invited to so many different types of groups. This week pray for them as they speak in church services, to Men's Fellowships and Women's Walking Groups. 

Wed 17 May, 7.45pm: Catherine - First Comber Presbyterian Church Men's Fellowship

Sun 21 May, 11am: Catherine - St Matthew's Church of Ireland, Richhill

Tue 23 May, 7.30pm: Leah - Duneane Presbyterian Women's Walking Group

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