11-25 December 2017
China's 'Bible Medical Van' not only brings God's Word to the poor, but also sets up portable clinics!
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'Nineveh has more than 120,000 people living in spiritual darkness... Shouldn't I feel sorry for such a great city?'
Jonah 4:11 (NLT)
Jonah would probably not pass his interview to work for a sending Mission Agency today. He may have had a clear calling but he was seriously lacking in compassion and desire to serve. In fact he did everything he could to avoid serving in the way God had called him to.

Nevertheless, God uses the reluctant Jonah to reach a nation with His call to repentance. God calls the people to repent because he felt sorry for them. This is echoed in the gospels when we read of Jesus being moved by compassion by the crowds of sick and hungry.

It is so easy to see the heart of God when people engage in compassionate ministries. In this Prayer Circle we would love you to join us in praying for 2 such ministries, bringing hope to the sick in Ukraine and China.
Children of Chernobyl
Cancer hospital
Visiting children in a Chernobyl hospital for sick kids. Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with cancer every year.

The Ukrainian Bible Society team have been working with seriously ill children for years. Magnus WingÄrd from the Swedish Bible Society joined the team as they visited a hospital in Kiev. He shared a few thoughts that help us pray:

"Do you remember when the Chernobyl nuclear accident took place? I remember the summer of 1986 very well... Now I have met people of my own age that grew up in the vicinity of the accident itself... These people live with its direct consequences. Their children get cancer.

The old hospital on the outskirts of Kiev is a dirt-grey concrete colossus, built during the Soviet glory days. From here it is only a two-hour drive to Chernobyl. When I enter, I see two four-year-old girls. They are both completely bald and one girl has a drip on a stand, which she maneuvers around.

We play with the children for an hour, share stories from the Bible and give them wrapped gifts. The children laugh and smile. It is obvious that they appreciate the break. It's fun, but I've rarely felt so powerless. I cannot make these kids healthy, but I can give them my attention.

How do you talk about serious illness or death with a child? I do not know. But I know that, aware of my own mortality, I find hope in the Bible. So, we tell the children about hope, and we tell them of a God who gives comfort and rest and always welcomes us." - Magnus.

Please pray for the families and children who are suffering. Pray for healing and the hope of the Lord. Pray that God would break this pattern of sickness in children. Please also pray for our colleagues who visit the hospitals to spend time with the children and their families, having fun, laughing and chatting but importantly, praying and sharing the hope of Christ.
China's Bible Medical Van
Bibles for Medical Van.jpg
Bibles for distribution through the medical van visit to Bin Xian Central Church.

The Bible Society team in China are involved in such a wide range of ministries from Bible printing and distribution, to translation and literacy as well as Scripture for people with sight or hearing loss. There is so much more. One of the unexpected ministries that they run is their Bible Medical Van.

A team of about 20 volunteers - medical personnel as well as some Bible Society staff head off for weekends at a time to distribute Bibles and offer medical screenings and checks as part of the Bible Medical Van (BMV) sponsored by United Bible Societies.

The team travels to churches serving the urban poor or the rural remote. Upon reaching the church, the team set up various stations like checks for blood pressure and blood sugar levels, ultra-sound scans etc.

Bin Xian Central Church serves about 400 believers and sends lay preachers and volunteers to minister at various meeting points in the villages under its care.  The various medical stations were set up in the Sunday school and training rooms of the church and people were seen queuing up to wait for their turns.

Yongjia, one of the volunteer medics said, "The Church should do more work in areas that have seen a lot of unethical practice. Medical care is one such area. The general public sentiment towards paid medical care is that it is unreliable and uncaring. When the Church enters this field to offer committed professional service to anyone who needs it, there will be a positive impact on society."

Join us in prayer with Yongjia and others - "May God's Spirit move His people and raise up more medical professionals who will offer their services to this meaningful work." Pray that the impact upon communities in the name of Jesus will bring much healing of body, heart, mind and spirit. May God's Word be shared as well as seen in action.

Read a longer report here
gillian_kingston 2017.jpg
We welcome Gillian Kingston to her role in the National Bible Society in Ireland.
The Bible Society in Ireland

The National Bible Society of Ireland have experienced a couple of very difficult years. There are currently no employed staff and the Board are working to rebuild the presence and impact in Ireland. We are happy to tell you that the Board members in Ireland have announced that Gillian Kingston has now taken on the role as new President of the Board. Please pray for Gillian as she takes up this post at a crucial time for the Bible Society which is seeking to rebuild its ministry.

Gillian Kingston is a local preacher on the North Tipperary Circuit of the Methodist Church in Ireland and a part-time university chaplain. She is Vice-President of the World Methodist Council. Pray for her as she brings her experience and enthusiasm to the Bible Society.

Please pray for the Lord's leading as the Board work to re-establish the Bible Society in Ireland. We have worked closely with them for many years and we are waiting in expectation to see what God's new way ahead is! Pray for new connections with churches and organisations in Ireland, for people who have a real heart to see God's Word spread and talked about at home and around the world. Please pray that God will light their path and smooth the way for fresh ministry.

Christmas Closure
It is hard to believe we are at this time of year already. It feels like the last 12 months have gone by in a blink. Still, it is that time of year when we all feel ready for a break.

The Bible Society NI office will be 
closed Dec 25-Jan 1st.
We will be open again on January 2nd 2018!

May we take a moment to wish you every blessing in this Advent season and to thank you for you support in prayer for Bible Society ministry all around the world.

2017Christmas is a wonderful time to share gifts with loved ones while focusing on the Greatest Gift of all - our beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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