BCS Prayer Partner Letter
� March 29, 2012
By now many of you have likely seen the announcement regarding Dr. Jason Meyer as the recommended candidate for the position of Associate Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis.

If he is approved by the congregation in May, he will become the heir apparent to Pastor John Piper at this church. If you haven't heard anything about this, you can find all of the pertinent information on the church website.

I'm bringing this to your attention for several reasons. First, as you are already aware, John Piper has been the Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem for over 30 years and has had a remarkable impact on the global evangelical church through his writing and speaking. He has been so influential in shaping the faith of many, many people during his tenure at BBC. Therefore, when this change was announced, the ripple-effect traveled far and wide.

The significance of this from our perspective is that Pastor John is both a professor for us and our chancellor. With this pending change in his role, we look forward to the likelihood of him having more time to devote to the ministries of both Desiring God and BCS. The change is also significant because Dr. Meyer is currently our Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies. He first came to us as a student over 12 years ago and then returned to us as a professor in 2010. We are thrilled that he will be shifting his ministry responsibilities from BCS to Bethlehem Baptist Church in the near future, Lord willing.

The reason we are thrilled for this shift in Jason's ministry responsibility is that this is precisely what we envisioned might happen when we started The Bethlehem Institute 14 years ago and then when we transformed in to Bethlehem College and Seminary 3 years ago. One of our main purposes for existing is to serve the church (both locally and globally) by training and equipping pastors and teachers and missionaries who will serve the church all over the world by preaching and teaching the Gospel faithfully.

Yes, we are thrilled by this development. We love Jason and have been so blessed by his ministry at BCS. And now we look forward to the ministry he will have at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the years to come and find satisfaction in the fact that he is fulfilling the vision of Bethlehem College and Seminary to raise up faithful, winsome, intelligent, humble yet powerful proclaimers of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, forever and ever.

Prayer requests (and praises) for this week:
  • As you may surmise, this announcement means we will have some adjustments to make in our teaching schedule and faculty assignments for the coming school year. Please pray that the Lord will provide us with wonderful solutions to this situation.
  • Thank you for praying for our incoming seminary class. The class is almost solidified with the admitted students having made their commitments to join us this fall. We're still waiting on one or two of the applicants to make their decision whether or not to accept our admission invitation. Pray for the Lord's leading in their decision-making process.
  • Praise the Lord for the addition of Justin Taylor to our Board. Justin is an alum of our program and will be a wonderful asset in helping BCS become the institution that the Lord intends it to be. Pray that Justin's transition to our board will be smooth and satisfying for him.
  • Please pray for our students as they enjoy their mid-semester break this week. For some, it's a time to catch up on work, and for others it's a time for some needed refreshment and rest.
  • Please also keep praying for our finances--as usual. We are praying and trusting the Lord for His provision so that we will end the year having met our budget needs. We still need about $300,000 by the end of June.
May the Lord bless you for your faithful prayer support of BCS. We thank the Lord for you!


Tim Tomlinson
Bethlehem College and Seminary