(Re)Launching Lake Worth!
November 20, 2014

So it begins...

This picture gives you an idea of how I spent my morning. After some time in prayer, I began identifying some of the key pieces we need to have in place as we begin the process of relaunching the work in the community of Lake Worth.  
This is a process I have coached many church planters through in previous years.  It is exciting and at the same time unusual to be going through this process myself!  I am eager to get more eyes on the process as we get closer to moving.  I want the direction and input from our sponsoring church in Port St. Lucie, I want to hear the minds of those who have been faithful to the ministry in Lake Worth for many years, and I want to keep seeking God's heart for this community too!  
The planning process can be somewhat tedious and time consuming.  However, it can also be freeing.  As I see all the things laid out that need to be done I realize that it is only in God's strength that anything will be accomplished.  It helps me give it to Him and it also helps me share the load with other leaders.  As I see the list grow it helps me pray specifically for the team that God has prepared to do this work with me.
Thanks to each of you who have committed to pray for this ministry.  Pray for the planning process and pray for the leaders who will implement these plans.

Home Sweet Home
A House for the Vos Family

Your prayers have been answered!  If all goes well, we will close on the house on December 19.  It is in a school district that will be a great place for Kollin's last 21/2 years of high school. Pray for our son Kollin who will have the biggest adjustment in all this.  From the very beginning he has been open to this new adventure despite the radical changes it means for him. Pray for Krista too as she continues to look for the right college to attend.  We are kind of in "no man's land" for college financial aid.  Indiana will no longer claim us and Florida won't claim us for another year.  We know this too is in God's hands and we trust Him for Krista's next steps.

Prayer Guide
Priority Prayers

  • Pray for the move for the Vos family.
  • Pray that we can successfully move toward a multi-ethnic ministry.
  • Praise for the support of Sunlight Community Church in Port St. Lucie!
  • Praise for a great group of leaders in Lake Worth!

Kris Vos

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you...Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. Jeremiah 29:7

Gathering God's Family

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