Your weekly spiritual uplift message!
May I be medicine for those who are sick,
a partner for those who are lonely,
a bridge for those who need to cross over,
and a light for those who are blind.
--prayer of the Bodhisattva


Sometimes we want to be transformed. We might even pray for it. But here's the thing about wanting transformation: mostly, we want to change, but we also want to change according to our own ego's notions of just how and how much we will change. It doesn't work that way.

St. Francis prayed, "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace . . . ." This is always a dangerous prayer because our self-protective mechanisms kick in and our ego tells us, "Wait! If you're an instrument you'll be played!" Well, yes, but isn't that the point?

Aren't we each here to serve the world the best way we can? Aren't we each here to give our gift -- the gift of ourselves? As we serve the world, we are served. As we give, we are given to. As we love, we are loved. That's the greatest secret of all -- that because there is only One, all that we give we give to ourselves. All that we do we do for ourselves. 

So -- transformation is not something the ego wants us to do. Yet it is what our soul whispers to us all the time. Our deepest desire is to be medicine for the sick, company for the lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, a light for everyone we meet. Let's pray the dangerous prayers. Let's take the driver's seat. We can bring the ego along for the ride -- just don't let it take the steering wheel!

With great love,

Rev. CC
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