Theater missionaries using performing arts to empower Believers in Jesus Christ
and introduce Him to Believers-Yet-To-Follow.
The Prayer KIT
To receive urgent prayer and more personal prayer requests, updates and praises as they occur please send an email to KIT Prayer Partner and ask to be added to our targeted mailing list.
New Requests  
Pray for physical healing.  Both Michael and Vikki have lingering issues that are sapping strength.  We ask for encouraging reports from recent examinations.

Pray for recovery.  A family friend and counselor was seriously injured in an auto accident in Indianapolis on July 23. We ask healing for Deputy Chief Jim Waters, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept.

Pray for recovery.  The Kings Camp, where we will be performing Labor Day Weekend, was damaged by recent rain and flooding. May camp leaders have minimal cleanup and property loss. 
The "answered prayer" symbol used  in the title logo of the film "War Room."  
Answered Prayers & Praises 
For Our Ministry.  We're thankful we met deadlines for paperwork on two business proposals .  Now, we wait.

For Our Church Family.  Our home church has completed its pastoral search and has selected a new lead pastor.

For Our Provision.  Mike has secured several freelance bookings in August with the possibility of others.  May a regular tent-making position follow soon.
Best Script
    Our Inspiration

  "Go and stand in the temple courts," the angel said, "and tell the people all about this new life."
-- Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 5, Verse 20 
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