This year we have so much stuff to offer on our Black Friday sale we decided to break it up into two batches- this is the announcement for the first batch and the next will be announced closer to the date. This gives all of you and earlier look at some of it and will make it easier for us to keep up with shipping. We fully expect that most of this will sell out before the next wave is announced, so do miss out by waiting.

Ammo Cans- 

We have real US Military Nomex Pilots Gloves down to just $8.95 if you wear a large size.

Real US Military ALICE Pack Frame & Shelf Set down to just $22.95 for $34.95-this is a complete set with the ALICE frame, straps, kidney pad, shelves and straps for carrying a bulky load. This is a great setup and we don't always have everything to offer them.

If you already have an ALICE pack, we have just the new style shelves for the frames for just $6.95 down from the regular price of $12.95. These are brand new, real USGI.

Real US Military Duffel Bags are just $14.50- these are nice condition real US military duffel bags made from a heavy duty cordura nylon with a shoulder straps for wear as a backpack. Get yours now to pack for those holiday trips or to take a spare to haul all those gifts back!