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The brand new Polychem color card is being finalized as we speak and should be available in June!
Featuring a selection of colors from 14 Polychem color collections, including the Classic Collection, Crescent Collection, Barely There, Weathered Earth Collection, Outdoor Collection and many more.
What's more the card features actual powder coated chips - so you see exactly how the powder will look.
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Tantalizing Teals
Custom color matching is a Polychem specialty, but it seems that we have been asked to match a lot of teal colors recently!
Check out these gorgeous show stopping shades!

PRSS 22514PT SW9045 Bora Bora Shore
PLSF 33184PT    Mint To Be

PRSS 22523PT   SW 6757 Tame Teal
PLRF 21333PB  River Text. Ral 6027
PRMF 21910PB Sparkle Metallic Ral 5021

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Lightning Quick!
Need your powder even quicker than the 5-7 days that Polychem offers?
No problem. Polychem offers an expedited service so you can have your powder in 2 (yup, TWO!)
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Carefully Curated Classic Colors From Polychem
 Check out some of our favorite - and super popular - colors below...

Black mirror wrinkle
URWL 91851

This one is my favorite! 
White structure PLRF 81356
Gotta see a panel on this one!
Superior bronze PRSL 93326
Gorgeous when sprayed
Pearl Mouse Gray PLMF 91918
A RAL classic!
PLMS 91660

No screen can do this one justice!

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Coming Soon...
Watch out for the new Polychem collection!
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Polychem. Your business. Your coating. Your choice.
Auto Awesome
The Polychem auto collection is really something to write home about.
With gorgeous chrome effects, bright red, green and blue shades and of course the delicious selection of black powders to contrast, we've got every part of your refinishing job covered.

PRSS 94195PB

Auto SG T Red

PRSL 94187PB

Auto Silver

PLSF 31967PB

Auto K Bike Green

PRSF 94199PB

Auto Star Black

URSF 21449PB

Auto T Blue

To order any Polychem color call 940.665.8892 or email
Neon Colors Available

Need Neons? Contact Polychem and check out these eye popping brights that you just can't miss!
Want it truly bright? Use Crystal White as a base coat with the neon on top.

Available Now!
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