July 26 
A Brief Break from all of this Sunshine!
Calling All Dessert Bakers
Dessert Dash - August 27th 

On August 27th, the BHS Foundation will hold the Dinner of Champions in conjunction with the 17th Annual Ballard High School Golf Classic. This event raises money for BHS Athletics and Music. (Approximately $5000 for Performing Arts!) We need 40 dessert bakers to commit and deliver their desserts to Carol Knoph (BHS parent) before Sunday, August 27th by 10:00 AM. Sign up below and Carol will send you drop off instructions . At an average of $125 per dessert it's worth turning on the oven for Ballard Performing Arts! We know a lot of families will be vacationing, so if you can make two things, all the better. Please contact Carol Knoph  if you have any questions. Thank you!!!!

Volunteers Needed for Uniform Fitting Days
August 31st and September 1st

An army of volunteers is needed for Uniform Fitting Days! Women's Concert Wear and Marching Band Uniforms will be fitted on Thursday, August 31st between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM and Friday, September 1st between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.  We need lots of hands on deck to help students find their correct sizes and make this a speedy process. This is a fun time to reconnect with students and parents. Please sign up below. Student help is welcome! Concert Tuxes will be fitted during the first week of school. Please contact Nanci Murphy or Allison Gabbert with questions.