December 8, 2017 eBrief

Criminal Defense attorneys and Municipal Judges needed for Project Homeless Connect
Project Homeless Connect on February 24th is a one-day event where more than 500 homeless people receive services from non-profit organizations including the BBVLP.  For this day only, the Department of Public Safety is onsite and provides FREE identification to homeless clients.
Homeless clients want this FREE identification so that they can get jobs, rent apartments, and get off the streets. But they cannot get IDs if they have  warrants for their arrest due to old misdemeanor and other fines on their records.  This is why they first must come through the BBVLP legal area.

If you are a criminal defense attorney or Municipal Judge and can help, please let us know by  clicking here The BBVLP is also seeking attorneys to volunteer to help clients with bankruptcies, disability claims, and family law issues.
The BBVLP's  Patent Program helps low-income inventors file patents with the USPTO. The program is important because these inventors do not have the resources needed that are available to larger corporations. Help put these inventors on a level playing field by volunteering today!
TriumphBBVLP joins Triumph Panel

BBVLP Safe Finances Attorney Katrina Brown (second from left) was invited to participate in a panel at Triumph Services, a nonprofit service that helps disabled individuals and their families. Parents of adults with special needs were given information on how to file guardianships and conservatorships. 
PeaceAttorney provides "peace of mind"

Blake Cole, Davis Norris, helped a Vietnam Veteran with a will and other end-of-life documents.  Blake said the veteran wanted "peace of mind" knowing that his daughter would be authorized to care for him and, when the time came, his children would not have to struggle through intestate procedures.  "This case was important to me because Mr. Shorter is a Vietnam Veteran and would not have been able to afford an attorney for this work otherwise," said Attorney Cole. 
Handling it all at the Homeless Help Desk

Five Balch & Bingham attorneys volunteered at the Homeless Help Desk this week helping 14 clients with legal issues. Chris  Yeilding 
(pictured), Balch attorney and BBVLP Board Treasurer, helped a homeless client resolve old traffic fines so she could obtain identification.  Thank you to Chris and the other Balch attorneys: Robby Anderson, Patrick Runge, Jimmy Williams,  and  Christina Rossi.
Thanks to this week's Help Desk Volunteers
We appreciate our Bankruptcy Help Desk Volunteers: Kendra Johnson and Steve Altmann, Najjar Denaburg.  Thank you to our Civil Help Desk Volunteers: Tarackia Barge, Barge Law Firm, Greg Cook, Balch, Matt Garman, Morris Haynes, James Gibson, Lightfoot Franklin, Julie Goyer (pictured), Leon Johnson, Loring Jones, Jones & Associates, Debra Lewis, Balch, and Darrell Tucker, Bradley. 
Attorneys Needed for these Clients

Please help this struggling
widow navigate the garnishment process. The client owes $7,820.02 for a vehicle from 25 years ago. She is employed, but is struggling financially and cannot afford to be garnished. I can help.

This client has two doctors' notes that confirm his wife suffers from Alzheimer's.Please help this husband get an adult guardianship over his elderly wife so she is not taken advantage of by her son. I can help.

Help desperate father receive custody of nine-year-old daughter who was taken by mother with pending criminal  charges pending against her. I can help.

Help disabled domestic violence victim through her divorce. Spouse has punched, pushed and tried to strangle this woman. Criminal cases are pending against him. I can help.
Help Desk & Court Volunteers Needed
What to Expect
Help Desks
You advise and start cases. 
Open Cases
Accept an open case and we will help you succeed.
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Thank you Domestic Relations Volunteers!

Awesome job Domestic Relations volunteers: 
April Bauder, Merrill Law Firm, Tarackia Barge, Barge Law Firm, Melinda GuillaumeEd Merrill (pictured), Merrill Law Firm, John Milledge, and Abigail van Alstyne, Quinn Connor Weaver Davies & Rouco.