Prescription  |  Vol 11 Issue 2  |  June 2016
From The Executive Director
Kevin Rich, Executive Director
It is hard to believe summer is upon us, kids out of school, swimming pools open, yard work and summer vacations. Always remember to take care of yourself to stay healthy. If you find yourself struggling don't hesitate to reach out for help. OPHP is readily available, if needed.

Self-reporting issues of mental health or chemical dependency ensure you are able to get well or get into recovery, and if there are no legal issues or complaints, the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy does not get involved.
In this issue of "Prescription," Jeanette Cosby of Eagle Ridge Institute in Oklahoma City has contributed an informative article," The Coalition Against Rx Drug Epidemic (CARxE)." OPHP is a member of this coalition, which along with the other members, diligently addresses the prescription drug epidemic, saving lives in Oklahoma County from drug misuse and abuse. Look for more information about CARxE in upcoming issues of "Prescription."

Dr. Harold Clifton Urschel III, M.D., MMA, chief medical strategist, Enterhealth, a treatment center based in Dallas, TX, has contributed an article, " Physical Dependency on Prescription Opiods is a Slippery Slope." Dr. Urschel reveals the scope of the problem, how addiction can start, the dangers of drug abuse, and how addiction is successfully treated.

If you know a pharmacist or student pharmacist who may be struggling, call the OPHP Help Line now. I assure you it is the best thing you could do for a family member, friend, colleague or yourself.

OPHP Helpline:
1-800-260-7574 x 5773 (statewide)
405-557-5773 (local)
APhA Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies

The  The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) is hosting the second annual  Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies,  June 3-6, 2016 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. OPHP Executive Director Kevin Rich will be attending along with two other pharmacists, six student pharmacists from Southwestern Oklahoma State University College of Pharmacy, and two student pharmacists form The University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy. As always, OPHP is pleased to support this event. In the next issue of "Prescription" each of the OPHP representatives will write about their "UTAH EXPERIENCE."

CARXECoalition Against Rx Drug Epidemic 
Jeanette Cosby, Eagle Ridge Institute

The Coalition Against Rx Drug Epidemic (CARxE) was established in December 2014. It was the third coalition developed by Eagle Ridge Institute, Prevention Department (RPC). CARxE started with the idea to gather community advocates together to collect data, develop partnerships and community buy-in, bring awareness and foster responsibility in Oklahoma County. The need continues to combat the ever-growing overdose epidemic plaguing Oklahoma County.  Over the last year, the coalition has grown from an idea on paper to an active group of more than 20 members.

Too often, at least one person in the room has been impacted by prescription drug overdose. We continue to inform community members to spur them to take action against this epidemic. If you have a passion for prevention and are interested in joining our cause, please contact Jeanette Cosby at 405-802-4684 or email for more information. 

slipperyslPhysical Dependency On Prescription Opioids Is A Slippery Slope 
Harold Clifton Urschel III, MD, MMA  |  Enterhealth

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), in 2012 American doctors wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioid pain medications; that is one bottle of pills for every adult in the country. The United States uses approximately 80 percent of all opiates prescribed in the world, even though we only have about five percent of the global population. Approximately 1.9 Americans struggle with prescription abuse or dependence, and 17,000 fatally overdose each year. That's an average of two people every hour who die from a prescription drug overdose. Many developed this problem with no clue of what could be in store for them.
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