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Preservation Action Alert 
- San Diego Historical Resources Board Integrity at Stake! -

After years of the preservation community providing applications for extremely qualified candidates that satisfy the historical ordinance criteria, Mayor Faulconer has blatantly ignored these applications and proposed a slate that does not meet the requirements of the city statute, and then fast-tracked it to the City Council at 10am on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 (202 C Street, 12th Floor).

See Item-105 of the agenda HERE (scroll to page 30).

The community's concern  with the proposed roster is that these various candidates do not meet the qualifications specified in the ordinance nor do they have a demonstrated interest in historic preservation.
In addition, the mayor proposes to reappointment two members who regularly demonstrate disregard for the historical ordinance and the Secretary of the Interior Standards, but yet did not reappoint Chairman Lemmo, the most even-handed chair the HRB has seen in years.
After a single board member opposed designation of the Caliente mural on the California Theatre at the HRB's June hearing, based on his personal opinion and not the ordinance, it is imperative that others like him are NOT permitted to carry out the Mayor's intentional derailment for the preservation of San Diego's resources. This is why it is crucial these four candidates are not appointed (or reappointed) to the HRB at Tuesday's council meeting. The Caliente mural is only the most recent example why San Diegans cannot afford this subterfuge to continue.

While we are sure these candidates are nice people and have many fine qualifications, those qualifications are just not ones applicable for work on this particular board.
The candidates we oppose are:
Michael Baksh
Amy Strider Harleman -   LinkedIn resumé
Timothy Hutter -   LinkedIn resumé
Richard Larimer - LinkedIn resumé

How You Can Help

Write to Mayor Faulconer and the City Council HERE to oppose this HRB slate before the City Council hears this item (#105) on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.
We also strongly encourage you to attend Tuesday's hearing at 202 C Street (12th Floor, 10am), to testify in person before the City Council (if you want to support but not speak, submit an opposition slip that states you do not wish to speak) and contribute visually before the Council, toward the number of community members who oppose this slate and fear for the future of San Diego's historic resources.
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