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Preservation Miami welcomes you to share your ideas and opinions on our new community forum, Speak Up!


If you have expressed such perspectives to your local officials, or perhaps written a "Letter to the Editor," we are more than happy to help share these thoughts with the greater preservation community. Please contact us! 

As important as it is for us to preserve and safeguard historical and architecturally significant sites and structures throughout our community, it is also beneficial, for the greater good, to look beyond local boundaries in helping to support preservation causes across the globe. 
Today we received the following request from a neighboring city to the north, Orlando. Specifically, Scott Sidler, author of The Craftsman Blog (as featured on our website), has shared the following:


            I need your help! There is a push right now in Orlando to demolish the last remaining 5 historic houses along the banks of Lake Eola. The city wants to add 1 acre of land to the 45 acre park and is willing to demolish these homes (which they own) in order to "please its citizens". Please sign this petition to stop them from this terrible idea. These homes represent the last remaining vestige of a time before downtown Orlando was covered in condos and office buildings. They are a small but VERY important part of our history and should be saved for future generations. 


Thanks so much in advance for you help and please forward this to anyone you know!


Scott Sidler
Austin Home Restorations, Inc.


Certainly there are always multiple perspectives to every story and Preservation Miami encourages our members to follow-up with research of their own. While gaining valuable insight and understanding on this particular issue, it will also offer the opportunity to learn more about various preservation projects and concerns around the state of Florida. 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
- Your Friends at Preservation Miami