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April 27, 2017

Dear WILPF US members:

CONGRATULATIONS on standing up and shouting out with an exhilarating, passionate response to an administration bent on destruction of our humanity and Mother Earth. SOLIDARITY is needed NOW more than ever!
Solidarity Day Event
Brief Update on Move, April 2017

ON THE MOVE: We were all saddened to see our part-time employee, Ariane Blondin, leave WILPF US at the end of last month. Ariane had signed a contract with us, but found another position shortly after signing. Arianne and her husband and children camped out and joined in the fun and weighty discussions at Robin's Vermont Farm. What a wonderful family! And we all wish her well in her new position!

However, we are experiencing another kind of loss. The WILPF US Boston office will be forced to move out of the building on Arlington Street by the end of May 2017. As far as we know, the building is being renovated and made into condos. Although there had been concerns and discussions about the possibility of closure, we thought we'd have a bit more time, but not so. Just this week, some hardy WILPF US members from the area, Candace Perry and her husband, Charles and Eileen Kurkoski, went to organize the materials and see what would be good to have for Congress. Candace and Eileen also contacted Swarthmore, who is wanting "everything" for their archives. Jan Corderman (and I hope to come too) will spend a week sorting out and packing up. The Boston Branch members have responded generously with their offers of help and encouragement.

Immediate solutions: right now,
  • Eileen is checking the mail bi-weekly. However, it looks like all the mail is transferring smoothly to our treasurer: Jan Cordeman, 281 Christie Lane, Pleasant Hill IA 50327
  • All calls are transferred to her, and she is getting 3-5 calls a week: 515.205.4504.
  • Please feel free to call her or me 515-771-6131 with any questions or concerns (texting is usually faster) or email Jan at jancorderman@msn.com or me harrison0607@msn.com .
Longer term consideration:
In the past, there was an ad hoc committee formed to look over suggestions and then voted on. In response this time, I'm asking branch member volunteers, who represent a cross-section of the US, to take part in decision-making process.

Geographical representation is imperative in making this decision. This is NOT a proforma endeavor, rather this is an opportunity for branches to support WILPF US right from the start. Discussions on requirements for building site will be made within the group; also, a discussion about the possibility of a remote office will take place.

info@wilpfus.org   if you are interested in volunteering. And remember, we want ALL "regions" to pitch in and seize this opportunity to be involved in the process!

Yours in Solidarity and Service 
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Mary Hanson Harrison
WILPF US Section 
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