Women's South Carolina Golf Association

President Leah Bohnen
President's Letter...
January 2018

Happy 2018!  I have just finished my first year as WSCGA President and I have to say that I feel so privileged to be a part of this wonderful Association! We have such a dedicated, talented Board, making my job so easy.  Sadly,  it is that time of year that we must say goodbye to  Board Members that have finished their terms .  I would like to thank June Somers, 4 years on our Board, Suzann Bartley, 3 years, and Teresa Sprouse, 3 years.  These ladies were wonderful assets and will be missed.  
On January 17th, we held the Annual State Representatives, Handicap Chairman and Association Member Meeting.  Unfortunately that day we had a large snowstorm in the Upstate, but despite a number of ladies being unable to attend, the meeting went on!  It was a productive, fun and informative meeting.   I would like to welcome three new Board Members, who were voted in at the meeting:  Trisha Reid, Greenville Country Club (Treasurer); Connie Chick, Oak Hills Golf Club (Member at Large); and Heather Paddison, Golf Club at Cedar Creek (Member at Large).    All three of these ladies bring an expertise that will be of great value to the WSCGA! 
We had a number of wonderful guest speakers,  including hearing from our own Jaynelle Moore and Clarissa Childs on their backgrounds, golfing experiences and how they finally arrived at the WSCGA.   We presented trophy's to our Player of the Year, Lea Venable, and Sr. Player of the Year, LeaAnne Brown. There was a lot of new information for the upcoming year.  Keep an eye out for our monthly e-mails and postings on your LGA Bulletin Board.  Clarissa and Jaynelle have worked hard to procure some of the best venues and come up with new events to reach more of our membership!    Exciting new things to look forward to:  Wine & Nine in more areas of the State, a SC Open (open to professionals and amateurs, with first preference to WSCGA members!), a Pro/Am One-Day, new handicapping format for Match Play, and a 9-Hole/18-Hole One-Day.   
I encourage all of you to attend our Annual Meeting.   It is held every January and is open to all of our membership.  It is a great way to find out everything about your WSCGA and get the most out of your membership!
So let's tee it up!   

40th Annual Match Play Championship
Sanctuary Golf Club at Cat Island

 The Inaugural WSCGA Match Play Championship was in 1978 at Lady Island.  After 40 years, we are going to retire the original traveling trophy to the Carolina's Hall of History Trophy display rotation and unveil the new trophy at this year's tournament.  For more information on the new additions to this year's Match Play Championship ......... Click Here

Hole-in-One Club
Registration opening soon..

Most clubs and associations have them and now we do too - the WSCGA Hole-in-One Club.  The more golf shots you hit in your lifetime the greater the odds of having an Ace. So play as much as you can and join the club.  Registration will open soon!  For all the details....... Click Here

Schedule Link Update

There have been some unexpected delays in the new TM Program release, as a result; we are diligently working to get all events entered into both TPP and the TM Program for 2018.  We will keep you posted.

Thank you Seawell's Banquet Facility for help making the 2018 Annual State Representative Meeting a success. Look forward to being back next year.