We have experienced a nasty, divisive campaign.  It's over. 
Today we go forward with our mission of helping girls and women achieve their dreams breaking through gender, social and cultural barriers. We need to address pay equity, getting more girls and women into leadership roles and higher paying fields through STEM, sexual abuse, human trafficking and bullying. 
America is the greatest place to live. We can make it better. Not by looking back, but looking forward. If you want to channel your emotions, consider VOLUNTEERING in one of our mission based programs so that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of girls and women. 
If you want to learn more about AAUW and find a program that might just be suited to your passion, consider joining other AAUW members at the AAUW NJ state convention April 30 - May 1 at Resorts Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City and the AAUW NATIONAL CONVENTION June 14-17 in Washington DC. 
Personally, I have met so many empowered women in AAUW that have inspired me. I had a conversation last night with a Membership Chair from the state of Arkansas. She is newly retired and has been in AAUW for four years. She is trying to create AAUW college branches in her state. What was goose bump worthy was feeling her enthusiasm as she spoke. She's trying something new and is facing the challenge. I told her that she is not alone. I gave her a contact faculty advisor in Athens University in Alabama, national's email ( connect@aauw.org) and said that I would be here for her anytime. That's the AAUW way. We collaborate with other chapters, states, national and like-minded organizations to GET IT DONE. 
If anyone out there needs an ear, some advice or a sister, call me. I don't have all the answers, but I'll try to channel your concerns to our network.  We are 2000 strong in NJ and 170,000 voices nationally, but ONE AAUW.

Carol Cohen, President
AAUW of New Jersey

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