The Federal Hockey League
March 1, 2013
For Immediate Release
Phil DeFranco
The Federal Hockey League

Setting the record straight
Syracuse, NY-February 28, 2013 - Recently ESPN Radio (104.1 FM and 1050 am) in Williamsport, PA ran an article about the future of the FHL based on a quoted source yet to be identified. At no time was any FHL staff member, owner, or governor of the existing team members contacted to verify the story. At this time we would like to vociferously deny the statements in the article. At no time has any FHL staff member, owner, or governor of the existing team members ever contacted any owner of an SPHL, CHL or ECHL team in order to persuade them to jump to the FHL. They also stated in the article that the FHL would be comprised of 12 teams in four divisions. This is totally untrue. These statements have caused multiple problems with our fellow league owners, management and potential new owners as well as some of the commissioners, owners and management of other leagues mentioned in the article. This article has caused financial damage to the other leagues mentioned in the article as well as the FHL and its owners. Several leagues including the FHL have indicated that they are consulting with their legal personnel for advice on how to proceed with this matter. We asked ESPN Radio in Williamsport to take down the article which they did, however this article continues to be posted on several other social media outlets.


The inaccuracies in this article ties in with the other recent articles written regarding the FHL and its current staff members. The FHL in no way would ever try and hurt any fellow league or teams within those leagues. The FHL has sent over three hundred players to these leagues in the past three seasons alone and will continue to provide these leagues and their teams the players they need to succeed.


We would like to thank all of our fans and the other leagues for their continued support of the Federal Hockey League.


The Federal Hockey League is committed to providing quality family entertainment at affordable prices in some of the most exciting new hockey markets in North America.  We are also dedicated to the growth of professional hockey at the Class A level and creating a developmental ground not only for elite hockey players, but coaches and front office staff as well.  We will strive to build dedicated, customer orientated staff; and provide fans, advertisers, sponsors and partners with great value while operating at acceptable profit targets.


The Federal Hockey League LLC