Truly a Community Effort
Thanks to First Federal Savings, our first SNAP Match Sponsor, and to all our dedicated volunteers

Bath Farmers Market
Saturday May 262018

Morels, so special, at Oyster Creek Mushroom Company
Fruits &   Vegetables, Plants

Goranson Farm, Hawkes Farm, MicroMainea, Mindful Gardens, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co., New Roots Farm, Pleasant Pond Orchard, Sparrow Farm, Tarbox Farm

Arugula, asparagus, beets, braising greens, cabbage, carrots, cranberries, garlic, greens , herbs, kale, leeks, microgreens, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, potatoes, radishes, salad turnips, seedlings, shoots & tendrils, spinach, sweet potatoes, tsatsoi, turnips
Crunch goes the luscious crust of these dark 'n happy loaves at Hootenanny

 Ba ked Goods

Beryls Pastries, Borealis Breads,Chase Farm Bakery, Hootenanny

breads: bagels, baguettes, bialys, sourdough, wholegrain, anadama, ciabatta, focaccia, cinnamon raisin, olive, buckwheat, seeded and blended, breadsticks, croissants, morning pastries, dinner rolls, English muffins, cakes, hand pies, cookies, scones, tarts, doughnuts, quiches, brownies, muffins, coffee cakes , pizza dough, pretzels
Tammy of Kelley Brothers will help you choose just the right cuts

Meat & Poultry

 Kelley Brothers Beef, Mainely Poultry, Meadowcroft, Old Narrow Gauge Farm, Pine Tree Poultry, Springdale Farm, Tarbox Farm

beef, chicken,
duck, goat, lamb, mutton, pork, turkey, 
whole, cut , ground

marrow bones, suet
bacon, hams, pork belly,
hocks (fresh & smoked), sausage 
Expand your burger repertoire with duck, chicken or turkey

E ggs

Goranson Farm, Mainely Poultry, Sparrow Farm


Maine Saltwater Creations, Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood

f resh flat fish, mussels, scallops,oysters, fish sticks, crab and salmon cakes, picked crab and lobster meat (check with vendor ) .
Cheese and Dairy

Appleton Creamery, Chase Farm , Fuzzy Udder Creamery, Hahns End, Springdale Farm

cows milk cheeses, goats milk cheeses,
hard & soft, marinated and spiced,
fresh and aged
feta, mozzarella, ricotta, cream cheese,
butter, cows milk(raw), yogurt
This simple cheese from Fuzzy Udder is nicely spreadable and smooth
Quick, tasty and gluten free - At Maine Saltwater Creationse

Preserved and Premade

Borealis Breads  -  granola
Goranson Farm -  dried beans, maple
Gracies Garden - lactofermented
vegetables, kvass, pickles
Jyang_Lee Kitchens -spring rolls, sauces, sesame noodles, dumplings and more
Maine Saltwater Creations - fresh frozen  soups and chowders, fish cakes and sticks, casseroles and meatballs 
Old Narrow Gauge Farm-  preserved
vegetables, pickles relishes, wildflower
& fruit syrups and pastes, fruit jams jellies, seasonal items
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood-  fish and shellfish loaves, shellfish cakes, chowders, bisques, dips, stock, casseroles & pies
Pine Tree Poultry-chicken (whole or parts) empanadas, pies, soup, sliced or whole turkey breast, fresh turkey salad
Pleasant Pond Orchard -honey,
maple syrup, granola, hand cream 
Sparrow Farm - cranberry sauce,
relish, ketchup, fruit jam
Massage & Body Oil at Mana Medicinals will give you a golden glow all your own

Hand crafted, Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee -locally roasted organic coffee
Coppertail Fa rm-goats milk soap
Hawkes Farm - house and garden plants and seedlings
Hawthorn & Thistle -Hand dyed wool and wool products from Jacob Sheep
Mana Medicinals -Herbal tinctures & teas, aromatics and moisturizers, healing clay. Chair massages.
Meadowcroft Seacolors -   Handraised wool, sea dyed and available in skeins or individually designed clothing & blankets 
Mindful Gardens - handwoven baskets, plants and seedlings
Shepherds & Such -  beeswax candles, felted goods, buttons, wax flowers, jewelry, smudge and more
Sisters Soap - goats milk soap at Appleton Creamery
First Federal Savings is now sponsoring Bath Farmers Market’s SNAP Match  program, offering increased spending power and ready access to fresh, local food for people with low incomes.

Andrew Perry, President of First Federal Savings, says “Access to healthy food is certainly a vital part of community health - we support the SNAP Match initiative because it increases that access.”

Dan Sortwell, Bath Farmers Market SNAP Coordinator, says “We welcome First Federal Savings as our first sponsor for the SNAP Match program. This is our fourth year, and community involvement is key to its success.”

For more information about this effort, talk to any volunteer at the Market Information Booth. or contact Dan at (207) 882-6374.
Spring was oh so pretty this week-warm temps mean plenty of happy foods just clamoring to be part of your first picnic, barbecue,snack tray or brunch to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you think of someone to recall with affection and joy, even some happy tears. Celebrate their memory with a feast you know they would enjoy. Food (as we all know) is closely tied to love and reviving their memories, can be such a special time.

So slip around the market, fresh brewed coffee (or other morning beverage) in hand while you treat yourself to a delicious pastry or donut. Cookies are good. Handfuls of granola are fine. The end of the baguette is perfect. Buy lots of great food and take it home to grill or roast or make into salad, soup or whatever feels right and looks good. Share the love -and the food- we'll all in this together.

Bon appetit, as Julia would say.
Check out Stephanie's work-and meet those fabled Jacob goats-at the Fiber Frolic on the Windsor Fair Grounds next weekend
From our vendors-specials, s ales, seasonal

Stop at Tarbox and pick up some bright and perfect salad turnips-pay attention to those leaves-Angela recommends braising them with black beans, an egg and your best salsa for breakfast with a flair.

Carol at Borealis is pleased to let you all know that she has plenty of both cinnamon raisin and orange loaves-a celebration in themselves!

Our meat and poultry producers all have prime cuts of chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, pork, veal, lamb and goat! Time to break out the grill-whatever's left will be good the next day of course.
Ready for your table: radishes and spring onions at New Roots
Let the kids pick their favorites. Many (present and past) enjoy the chocolate milk from Chase
Farm, the fish sticks from Maine Saltwater Creations, and Kinderkraut from Gracies Garden. But that's just a start!

Angela at Jyang_Lee is having her one and only Crab Rangoon Tasting of the Summer-come and check them out. She will be bringing in her fresh sesame noodles as well-and of course all those pretty and delicious sauces.

At Goranson , get dizzy with delight in the seedling area-so many tomato varieties-Prudence Purple, Jet Star, Black Cherry, Rose de Berne. And more. i'm thinking 1 of each, 2 or 3 raised beds and i'll have tomatoes all winter..
Buy a gift Card from Tarbox and make someone happy!
Tracey at Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood has plenty of fresh salmon; check out her home made dips and pates, soups and chowders, for a quick dinner from the sea without too much fuss.
Full of flavor, for sturdy sandwiches & dynamic french toast, at Hootenanny
Plenty of velvety ripe goat cheese at Fuzzy Udder- and those dainty fresh made chive & parsley spiked rolls are extra nice on a light pizza or in salad.

Hootenanny will surely bring in a big batch of fresh bagels - try them with the flavored ceam cheese from Springdale -love the siracha-jalapeno-just some really nice warmth and flavor. The dark chewy breads at Hootenanny also lend real cred to a sandwich or toast-- check out the pumpernickel, and walnut buckwheat.

Check Oyster Creek for your favorite mushroom-last weeks stars were some perfect morels-get them when you see them. And the astounding mega portabellos-6 inches in diameter-were full of so much dark earthy flavor-oh swoon with delight.
Try this nicely wrapped and so soft on your skin goats milk soap, available at Appleton Cremaery

Stephanie at Hawthorne & Thistle won't be here next week, 6/2. You can catch up with her at The Fiber Frolic in Windsor-she is bringing one of her lady sheep with two of her offspring, and offering demos and info as well. Go to to get all the details of this enjoyable event ; you don't need to know a thing about fiber to enjoy it, believe me.

Hawkes Is ready with all kinds of hanging and garden plants-and tons of info on what to grow where, and when, and how to feed and care for those gorgeous blossoms and leaves.

Pine Tree Poultry i s offering up their turkey chorizo empanadas, happy with black beans and lime to toss in a pan on the grill-very tasty finger food.i

Red Beans and Rice will be here to lend some musical memories-and maybe build some new ones. Listen while you stroll, dream up the perfect menu, wander to the river,feel the breeze.
Donate 12$ to the SNAP/Match program and receive a market tote
Cherish the Day

Rhubarb says: Yes it's really spring
at Goranson Farm
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