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The Garden Path Newsletter
June 15 , 2017 
So yeah... how about this weather huh?  

I feel like I'm on a habitat carnival ride. Some days I'm in the jungle, with heat and humidity, then BAM! I'm in the polar vortex with 10 layers on.  This is not typical "Cape Cod" weather. June is not usually this cold then freakishly hot.

The fluctuation in weather is difficult on our plants, trees and lawns. So what is a gardener to do? Prevent, observe and respond. Fungicides only work well if you start with prevention. If you are past this point, observation is paramount. Walk your gardens, look at the leaves of trees, plants and turf. You can respond with applications to mitigate further damage but you also must weigh that notion with each case; is it worth it, this year? When would be the best time to apply? Should you wait til next spring? Lots of things to consider.

If you have a particular problem you need help with, bring us a sample.  We LOVE samples!  And pleases, try to make it as fresh as possible, not a 3 day old, sitting on the dash of your car specimen. We want to help you, and we need to see it, as you would see it on your property.

We'll give you the best diagnosis for your problem, and if it's a difficult diagnosis, we can steer you in the right direction for further help.
 Be well ~ Nan

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HCG Blog
June 13,2017
By C.L. Fornari
  June is a month when gardeners and garden centers celebrate perennial plants. And there are so many to enjoy! Perennials are wonderful in the landscape because they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But just as people come with assorted appearances and personalities, perennial plants do as well. The secret to having a good perennial garden is READ MORE
Guest Blogger MONROVIA
How to Care for Roses in Summer

Shrub roses are looking fabulous in early summer with lots of colorful flowers and lush, leafy growth. But, even the easy-care shrub varieties need maintenance to keep them healthy and flowering into autumn. Some summer pruning, feeding, mulching, and attention to spoilers, and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of roses for eye-candy garden displays, or cutting for bouquets. Here’s what you need to know. We also have a quick video.


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