Safety Compliance and Enforcement
The first duty of business is to SURVIVE and the guiding principle of business economics is not the maximization of profit but the avoidance of LOSS to people, property, profit, process, products, materials, environment and the community they exist within. 
Why control loss?
  • prevent accidents
  • prevent incidents
  • reduce down time
  • improve morale
  • reduce damage
  • improve efficiency
  • keep budget on track
  • maintain profitability
  • maintain market share
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What PCS can do?
We offer Specialized Loss Control Services

PCS Consultants is your one-stop resource for a wide variety of Environmental Health and Safety solutions. We offer a breadth of services that help you navigate through the complexities of OSHA and Occupational Safety Compliance.

  • Workplace safety program development
  • On-site safety and hazard audits
  • Loss trend analysis
  • Safety committee development
  • PCS Safety Trainer - onsite or online training
  • Mock OSHA inspections
What Does the Service Entail?
The compliance and enforcement service entails:
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Safety audit and compliance review
  • Safety compliance programs
  • Recordkeeping
  • Safety plans
  • Injury and illness prevention manual
  • Safety committee
  • Incident Review Board (IRB)
  • Monthly/Quarterly compliance reviews

PCS not only assists with these preventative measures but also assists in creating safety plans, an IIPP plan, and can even conduct monthly or quarterly compliance reviews.
We're not just CONSULTANTS, we're your SAFETY PARTNER.

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