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Metro Newspaper
The #1 free daily newspaper in Boston is now hiring Sales Representatives with Media and online sales experience.

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Need help around your home?  


In need of lawn mowing, painting, vacuuming, dusting and/or gardening?


BU Students are ready to help!  


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NO WATER INCREASE for the 4th Consecutive Year!

The City of Cambridge is offering a Senior Discount Program. The City offers a 15% discount to residents 65 yrs. or older who own and occupy their 1, 2, or 3 family homes. The City automatically grants this discount where applicable.

If you have question, Contact the Finance Dept. at 978-349-4220 




Do you live, work or study in Somerville? Are you interested in learning how to manage your budget?


Somerville Community Corp. is offering Financial Literacy classes beginning July 1st.

Graduates will receive a $200 stipend to get them started on a successful financial path! The class will be open to people who live and/or work in Somerville.



To register, please contact Shannon Erb at 617-776-5931 x238  



Cambridge Repair Cafe Seeks Help


 At the Repair Caf´┐Ż visitors can bring broken items from home and will find tools and materials to help make needed repairs on clothes,electrical appliances, etc. We are looking for repair specialists including electricians, seamstresses, carpenters, and bicycle mechanics to volunteer their time and share their skills for 4 hours on a Saturday in September. For more information click on the link below.

Volunteers Needed for Repair Cafe- Cambridge














Preventing Homelessness, One Family at a Time


A homeowner facing the possibility of homelessness, due to a series of illnesses, divorce, and legal issues, case was forwarded to our office for counseling. She was scammed of over $13k by a for-profit loan modification company. With three dependents and hardly any available funds left, she became unsure of her future and called 1-888-995- HOPE. CNAHS staff immediately reviewed and assessed the client's situation, analyzed her default and began the process of contacting her lender.


After a year of CNAHS appeals and reapplications, the borrower was approved for a temp modification for three months. With timely agreement payments under her belt she was approved for a 2% permanent HAMP modification. This permanent modification saved the homeowner 4% and a $579 monthly savings.  


After the modification CNAHS worked with the borrower to create a new action plan to increase savings, reduce debt and become more aware of scam lending practices.


Noreen was able to save her home, save money and reduce her debt.





Are you a participant of the
Home Affordable Modification Program?

Many homeowners who were able to modify their home loans through HAMP are nearing close to the five year limit and may see an increase in their payments at the end of the year. It is important to request an advance notice of your reset, so your family can prepare for the rate increase.

The Home Affordable Modification Program is working to ensure that homeowners who are nearing a reset receive up to 120 days notice before a rate increase on their home loan. If your modification was allotted in 2009, your reset will begin this year.

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What To Do If You Miss a Mortgage Payment


Are you are a homeowner of Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Watertown, or Belmont and are:


1. Having trouble paying your mortgage or are behind in payments?

2. Risking foreclosure on your property?
3. A victim of Predatory Lending?


We can help! There is no charge to you!   


Call CNAHS to set up an appointment with a housing counselor who can help to stabilize your loan, at






What we do can for YOU:

Develop a reasonable monthly spending plan.


Work with other organizations to provide you sound financial literacy & debit and credit counseling.


Analysis of the mortgage default,
including the amount and cause of default.


Explanation of options available to homeowner.


Timely completion of feasible action plan.


Explanation of collection and foreclosure process.


Identification of and referrals to other assistance and resources.


Confidentiality, honesty, respect and professionalism
in all services. 





 Get FREE Mortgage Help.


Call 617-491-1545




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The Foreclosure Prevention Program at CNAHS is made

 possible by funding from the City of Cambridge, the MA Attorney General's Office, the Somerville Affordable Housing Trust, the Town of Watertown, and Leader Bank.   


Cambridge Neighborhood Apartment Housing Services

 (617) 491-1545