Five Thirty B - Sky Terrace Deck | 
Downtown San Diego

In partnership with Kearny Real Estate, Prevost Construction was awarded a series of renovation projects to revitalize Five Thirty B in downtown San Diego. As part of the renovation, a team of local street artists led by artist Maxx Moses, painted a 30-foot by 105-foot mural on a wall on the 3rd floor Sky Terrace - which will be downtown San Diego's only private and outdoor meeting environment and roof garden exclusive for tenants to comfortably enjoy the outdoors while having 360 degree views overlooking the B Street corridor. The mural is titled, "Inception's Reflection" and the colorful shapes and patterns are meant to invigorate those who live and work downtown. The architect is Jamie Salvo of Gensler. The Prevost team includes TC Johnson as Project Manager, Matt Correira as Superintendent, and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. If you would like to receive more information about Prevost Construction's work at Five Thirty B, please contact TC Johnson at

Tillster | Sorrento Valley

Tillster is an award-winning leader in digital ordering and customer engagement programs for the quick service restaurant and casual dining industries. For their new office in San Diego, Prevost Construction built a 9,745-square-foot interactive and creative office space in collaboration with Lincoln Property Services and Hurkes/Harris. In order to achieve a greater sense of depth to open up the suite, Prevost installed lighting features that included decorative acoustical "clouds" and Highbay lighting. To achieve a rustic atmosphere, Prevost included exposed piping, conduits and ductwork. The Prevost Team includes Brian Skinner as Project Manager, William Reyes as Superintendent, and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. If you would like to receive more information about Prevost Construction's work at Tillster, please contact Brian Skinner at

Advantar | Sorrento Canyon

Prevost Construction is currently building an IOS 8 Clean Room Manufacturing Suite at Advantar as a pilot for the production of an ointment for the US Army that repels sand fleas. The ointment also treats the disease the sand fleas cause, called Leishmaniasis. It is a parasitic disease caused by protozoan that initially lives in the sand fly and is transmitted to people through sand fly bites. The project will include clean room protocol construction of the materials, growing vestibule, Manufacturing Room and the equipment room. The Manufacturing Room will consist of process piping connecting the product vessels together for filling of the product tubes. The Prevost Team includes Mike Soth as Senior Project Manager, Roger Shadwell as Superintendent, and Taylor Prevost as Project Coordinator. Advantar is slated to be completed by the end of March. If you would like to receive more information about Prevost Construction's work at Advantar, please contact Mike Soth at 

CHANGE: The Only Constant

So many people are afraid of change. They want things to remain the way they have been for as long as possible. If you run a business, I can assure you that kind of thinking will run you right out of business....guaranteed. Any business, large or small, whether you sell products or services, own or manage real estate, must change, evolve, or die. They say people don't change, organizations do - or is it the other way around? Who, what, when, where, and why must be considered carefully when implementing change in your business or the results might be disastrous. Change management requires strategy, leadership, communication, and a willingness of the impacted person(s) to embrace change. There are change management models, methodologies, and consultants all over the world making a career out of  managing change for companies so we know it's become important. It's just not simply important, it's necessary. If you want to innovate, adapt, and maintain sustainable growth, the process of making change in  your organization must becomes part of your culture. At Prevost Construction, change is a good thing. Change is for the better, and change has made us a better organization from top to bottom. Here are some of the changes we've made in 2014 along with a change management model that has helped us to:

  • Define and embrace new core values for the organization
  • Add an estimating department for faster, and more competitive bid response for customers
  • Adopted use of Bluebeam software for estimating take offs, plan annotation, submittal coordination, and RFI processing
  • Created a more efficient support structure for project management teams using Fast Cycle Teamwork model
  • Use of mobile app for timecard reporting
  • Installed new VOIP phone system
  • Many upgrades to internal forms and automated reporting to improve speed and accuracy of project budget tracking capabilities
Next time you have a construction project in mind, check us out. We've been making some positive changes around here!  
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Prevost Construction, one of San Diego's leading family-owned general contractors, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year! For the past 25 years, Prevost has completed a number of landmark construction projects in the San Diego area. We specialize in all areas of commercial tenant improvements including: Class A Office/corporate office environments, life science/bio-tech facilities, building re-imaging, retail/food service and R&D manufacturing.

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