Sam Ash Music Stores | 
College Grove Shopping Center

Prevost Construction was recently awarded the Sam Ash Music Store project - a 23,380sf build out in the College Grove Shopping Center. Sam Ash is the largest family-owned musical instrument retailer in the world - it remains family owned and operated to this day. The first store was opened in Brooklyn, NY in 1924. They now have 46 locations in 16 states coast to coast and we are very excited to build their San Diego store! 


The Prevost Team includes Brian Skinner as the Project Manager, William Reyes as the Superintendent, and Raquel Varjabedian as the Project Coordinator. The architect is Tiffany English from Ware Malcomb. The project will begin mid-July and is slated to be complete on October 2nd.


If you would like to learn more about our work at Sam Ash Music Store, please contact Project Manager Brian Skinner at

Allele Biotechnology | Sorrento Mesa

Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a private, San Diego-based company that explores the mechanisms of biological processes to develop technologies and products for biomedical researchers. Prevost is converting existing lab space into a small vivarium area with 3 holding rooms, a behavior room, a procedure room, and 2 new tissue rooms with new lab benches. The vivarium will be served by 4 new HVAC rooftop package units. The HVAC system has been rehabilitated for the new lab functions. In the office environment, Prevost will expand the conference room into a larger Training Room to facilitate investor relation functions and have created a new private office space for the scientists and lab technicians to work.


The Prevost Team is led by Mike Soth as Senior Project Manager, Eli Howe as Superintendent, and Susanna Bingham as Project Engineer. If you would like to learn more about our work at Allele Biotechnology, please contact Mike at

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation |   Five Thirty B

In partnership with Kearny Real Estate at 530 B Street, Prevost was awarded the San Diego Regional EDC tenant improvement project. San Diego Regional EDC is a nonprofit organization that serves local companies by providing them with the access to critical partners to accelerate their growth prospects. This project was a 7,618sf renovation to remove the closed office feel, making way for an open office design. This new design allowed natural light into the offices and conference room with full aluminum frame sidelites, new break room cabinets with island seating, solid surface, glass accent tiles on the back-splash, light paint color pallet and contrasting carpet to accentuate the warm feel. This project was completed in two phases at 12 weeks, while the client occupied the space. Prevost also did a complete demo and re-image of the men's and women's restrooms on the 7th floor during the tenant improvement. 

The Prevost Team was led by Brian Skinner as Project Manager, TC Johnson and Matt Correria as Superintendents, and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. For more information about this project, please contact Brian at

One of the core values at Prevost Construction is Togetherness. In combination with our five other core values, Togetherness embodies the concept of team and places it directly in the center of one's daily behavior. We've all used the phrase "we're all in this together", but no sooner than when the wheels fall off the bus that the person who uttered those words has their hand waving in the air to tell everyone else "it's not my fault - but I found the guilty one over here". Our daily job responsibilities are hard enough without having the additional concern of worrying about a co-worker, project team member, customer or other self-proclaimed "boss" trying to get one over on you to make themselves look good or to avoid the consequences that were a result of poor preparation, bad decision making or just plain failure to take care of their responsibilities. Life is already hard enough. If we are all truly in this together, let's start treating each other with some respect and work towards solutions with some togetherness. Rather than struggling independently to reach a goal, isn't it better to collaborate and/or partner with someone to reach a common goal? When faced with a difficult challenge or personal situation with the certain someone in your life that is causing you grief, try to find some common ground.  Listen, seek to understand, and partner with someone who will support you and work in the spirit of Togetherness. At Prevost, it's defined as follows: We embrace our family-like work environment by treating others as we would like to be treated. We are fair minded, respectful, and accountable for our actions. The elegant simplicity of success derived from true collaboration and genuine teamwork is an awesome feeling and is the best way to build a high performing team that delivers superior results. If you're curious as to what this looks like, give us a try on your next construction project to find out. 


With Prevost Construction's Facilities Services Group, facility managers will benefit by gaining access to a turnkey resource of service professionals that provide reliable service at competitive rates. Our expertise and understanding of laboratory and office environments allows us to address any repair,

maintenance, or small project requirement.


Facility and Property Managers will benefit from: 

  • General maintenance and repairs;
  • Audio visual systems installations;
  • Furniture assembly and moving;
  • Drywall repairs and painting;
  • Ceiling tile repairs and replacement;
  • Flooring, cabinetry, doors and hardware;
  • Marker boards and art installation;
  • Computer network and IT related troubleshooting;
  • Anything else on your To-Do List! 

If you are interested in using this service or learning more about it, please contact Walt Frost at


We want to work with you! If you would like to inquire about any potential business development opportunities or Lunch and Learn's with Prevost Construction, please contact Taylor Prevost at

For the past 25 years, Prevost has completed a number of landmark construction projects in the San Diego area. We specialize in all areas of commercial tenant improvements including: Class A Office/corporate office environments, life science/bio-tech facilities, building re-imaging, retail/food service, R&D manufacturing and ground up & built-to-suit.

Since 1989, Prevost has provided expert guidance in the management of the construction process and carefully conducts each project from conception to completion with one goal in mind - an  amazing customer experience!
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