Canyon Corporate Center | 
Kearny Mesa

In collaboration with Cypress Office Properties and Hurkes/Harris architecture firm, Prevost Construction was awarded five renovation projects at Canyon Corporate Center, totaling over 60,000 square feet. These projects were ongoing and highly successful due to their team camaraderie and genuine desire to fulfill client expectations. Over the course of 6 months, Prevost completed tenant improvements for Braemar, Gerdau, WHPacific, and various capital expense projects; as well as a spec suite for marketing purposes. The Prevost Team, led by Project Manager Brian Skinner, Superintendent Jerry Scott, and Project Coordinator Raquel Varjabedian, received rave reviews from all parties. Dawn Dorn, of Hurkes/Harris, stated, "We worked extensively with Prevost Construction to complete concurrent, multiple tenant improvements." Adds Ms. Dorn, "Brian Skinner and Jerry Scott were instrumental in insuring each project received the appropriate amount of attention in order to meet each tenant's detailed requirements and expedited schedules. Prevost continues to excel in their project communication and always comes to the table with a team approach which is so refreshing and beyond valuable to a successful project."


Canyon Corporate Center is comprised of three office buildings totaling approximately 132,000 square feet in the Kearny Mesa submarket of San Diego. Recently acquired by Cypress Office Properties, the property has undergone major renovations, including: introducing eco-friendly plant material throughout the common grounds, upgrading the vacant suites and modernizing the lobbies and common areas. Based on a job well done and the relationships developed, it is expected that Prevost will be an ongoing part of the project's success.


If you would like to learn more about our work at Canyon Corporate Center, please contact Project Manager Brian Skinner at

re:vive Spa & Salon | Pacific Highlands Village

Prevost has recently been awarded the Re:vive Salon & Spa project - an 4,500 square-foot build-out in the new Pacific Highlands Village development located in Carmel Valley. The project will consist of an all-inclusive medical spa, day spa and hair salon.


The Prevost Team will be led by Kristineh Hiett as Project Manager, Courtney Fox as Project Engineer and William Reyes as Superintendent. Gensler is the project architect responsible for interior design. Expected completion date of Re:vive Salon & Spa is June 22nd. For more information about our work here, please contact Kristineh Hiett at

It's About The Experience

Whereas previous generations focused on their careers, possessions, and status symbols, it seems as though the currency of "what I can possess" is giving way to "what can I experience." In case you have not noticed, we are moving rapidly towards what many are calling "an experience economy." Supply and demand economics infused with advancements in technology has perpetuated extreme competition in just about every market.


How do businesses differentiate? How do we measure success in our careers, and more importantly, in our lives? How do we define happiness and the feeling of being content that we are all continuously searching for? The answer lies in the quality of our experiences. We have all heard the phrase "quality time"; spending QT with our families and significant others has always been important in the pursuit of happiness. But is happiness something we pursue, or something we experience? When we experience happiness, we experience the joy of life in the present moment. It is not something we can hold onto and possess, but rather a discovery within our being in which we appreciate the moment, the feeling of being happy, and become grateful for that particular moment or experience to be part of our life.


This thirst for happiness, or positive experiences, is now driving our decision making. The cars we drive, the communities we live in, the jobs we take, the places we shop, and the service providers we hire. In most cases, the quality of the experience matters more so than price, potential salary, or the perceived value. Consumers have demonstrated these trends in the market loud and clear (think Apple, Disney, Zappos, and Perch). Businesses and service providers now fully understand the power and principles behind the experience economy and how they need to change their way of doing business to adapt and thrive in the new economy.


At Prevost Construction, we have been focused on providing an Amazing Customer Experience on every project for several years. It is a different way of doing business and is much more than just "amped up customer service." It's a people-centric way of approaching each situation, each customer interaction, and a style of doing business that supports and generates long term relationships based on trust and respect. Old school values with new school applications. That is what we are about at Prevost. We invite you to check us out sometime when you are ready to have an amazing customer experience.


We are excited to announce the launch of our new website at! Among the website's improvements are its ability to prominently feature our projects, market segments and current news via a dynamic and attractive front page, as well as a responsive design that allows for optimal viewing experience from mobile phones to computer monitors.


You'll find more information about our management team, our mission, vision and core values, as well as the culture of Prevost and why we love working here! We would also like to call your attention to a few other new features:

  • What People Say: Client testimonials are scattered throughout the new website pages - check out the amazing customer experiences we are providing to our clients!
  • The Prevostian/Blog: Every other month we send out a newsletter about our current projects with a blog post providing information on a range of topics. Check here for information on what we are working on and blogging about!

We are very proud of this new site, and we hope it helps our clients find the information they need more efficiently. Happy Browsing! 


We want to work with you! If you would like to inquire about any potential business development opportunities or Lunch and Learn's with Prevost Construction, please contact Taylor Prevost at

For the past 25 years, Prevost has completed a number of landmark construction projects in the San Diego area. We specialize in all areas of commercial tenant improvements including: Class A Office/corporate office environments, life science/bio-tech facilities, building re-imaging, retail/food service, R&D manufacturing and ground up & built-to-suit.

Since 1989, Prevost has provided expert guidance in the management of the construction process and carefully conducts each project from conception to completion with one goal in mind - an amazing customer experience!
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