Revive Salon & Spa | Pacific Highlands Village
Revive Salon & Spa is San Diego's leading all-inclusive medical spa, day spa and hair salon. Owner Vish Verma is currently celebrating the grand opening at his second location in Carmel Valley's new shopping center, Pacific Highlands. The 4,500 sf space includes exceptional high-end finishes and details throughout. The entrance includes a 19' custom bronze art piece surrounded by calcatta stone as well as a stone reception desk that features a custom backlit engraved logo.  The Color Bar is surrounded by chemetal to match the hair stations, with 42" flat screen TVs for clients to watch while they enjoy a glass of wine. A custom 10.5' by 6' lightbox features a L'Oréal model above the hair drying stations. Specialty glass tile and decorative Livinglass can be found throughout the Skin Bar. 

Anthony Garcia from Gensler is the architect responsible for the interior design. The Prevost Team includes Kristineh Hiett as Project Manager, Jerry Scott as Superintendent, and Courtney Fox as Project Engineer. If you would like to learn more information about our work at Revive, please contact Kristineh Hiett at
Solar Turbines, Inc. | Kearny Mesa
Prevost Construction was recently awarded the Solar Turbines project in Kearny Mesa - a 15,336 sf creative office space that will feature many high-end finishes including an open concept ceiling with acoustical and drywall clouds, folding glass partition doors, pendant lighting and specialty millwork throughout. The Prevost Team includes Brian Skinner as Project Manager, Roger Shadwell as Superintendent and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. The project is slated to be complete by mid-December; stay tuned for updates regarding this project!
The Next Generation's Influence 
in Design and Construction
As I've been going about my daily routine of working in the wild, wild west construction industry, I've been wondering about something - are the majority of people in this industry getting younger or am I getting older?

I decided to look into this because I certainly don't think of myself as "that older guy"- although, sadly it is probably true. Not only is the construction and real estate industry evolving towards the next generation, but the entire make-up of the US workforce is soon going to comprise a majority of the Millennial generation. By 2016, millennials will outnumber the boomer generation in the workforce and in 10-15 years, will make up the majority spending group in the US and will begin to find themselves in position of political influence. Children of helicopter parents in child-centric households who are "stimulation junkies" want it fast and they want it now. They came out of the womb with an instinct to multi-task and were taught to recycle in kindergarten. With an "anytime, anywhere" mentality, they want to set their own goals and care more about meaningful experiences than climbing the corporate ladder. They value flexibility over compensation, and will drive innovation and collaboration through the roof if provided the right atmosphere and culture to do so.

That is a lot to take in for corporate America! What have we been doing to get prepared for this next wave of Millennial worker? In case you haven't noticed, that little trendy phrase of "creative office" that used to a nice to have, but first to get cut out of the budget design upgrade, is now the focal point of any new office design and construction project that is happening today.  The creative office component has gone from an emerging trend to an employee attraction and retention "must-have" strategy for employers. In combination with a defined culture and flexible corporate mindset, today's design and construction budgets have evolved to include the necessary components of the creative office environment such as: playful outdoor amenities, extensive natural lighting, collaborative open area meeting spaces, open to structure ceilings and customized workstation areas with less and less hard wall offices. However, it is extremely important to realize that if your corporate culture is not in alignment with this new style of office space, you'll end up with a "fish out of water" feeling and it will not accomplish the goal it was intended - attraction and retention of employees. Therefore, get your culture defined and understood, then emulate that culture throughout the vital areas of the office to create the right balance where the next generation of worker is free to be productive, engaged, connected, autonomous, understood, and collaborative all at the same time. 
At Prevost Construction, we've just unveiled our newest expansion area for employees to do all these things in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

We have been at the forefront of this emerging trend for several years now and have built hundreds of thousands of square feet of creative office space. We live in a collaborative culture at Prevost and are here to assist you and your team with your next project endeavor! 

Extraordinary execution is not possible without employee excellence. Our employees are expected to perform at their highest level in order to deliver our customers with a positive experience that is remembered long after the project is complete. Our employees must demonstrate ownership, hold themselves to a higher standard, and take pride in their work. We love celebrating our Office and Field employees with Eagle Of Excellence Awards at our quarterly All-Hands Meetings. These employees go above and beyond with providing our customers with an Amazing Customer Experience.

In recognition for your continuous dedication to Prevost's Core Values and your commitment to exemplifying Employee Excellence. Your agility and expertise is evident in all that you do, helping build bonds internally and externally, every day. 
With deep appreciation, respect, and gratitude: we present the Eagle of Excellence Award to...
Albert Barraza | Accounting Supervisor | Office
Albert started at Prevost five years ago as a Project Engineer, assisting the Project Manager, design team and the client in all aspects of managing a project.  A numbers man at heart, Albert switched to Accounting Supervisor and has been instrumental in the overall day-to-day activity of the office accounting department. Albert continually improves systems, processes and procedures to effectively support our Director of Finance.

Most Memorable Moment at Prevost:
"One of my fondest memories was the 25th year celebration party in UTC area - it was an enjoyable event that gave me the opportunity to mingle with many past affiliates that I have worked with for up to 10 years. It felt great knowing how many clients and subcontractors appreciated working with the Prevost Construction team and that we are leaving lasting impressions on our community through our many projects."   
Teryn Pitassi | Assistant Superintendent | Field
Teryn joined Prevost in January of this year, and has already proved to be an Assistant Superintendent Extraordinaire! Along with providing the Site Superintendent with onsite leadership and project coordination, he works closely with the Client, the subcontractors and the design team. Whether its new construction, repairs or remodeling, Teryn is a dedicated employee who takes pride in his work.

Most Memorable Moment At Prevost? 
"My entire experience at Prevost has been a memorable moment! I have been in construction my whole life and working in just about every trade out there. Becoming apart of the Prevost family, I can honestly say that I have never been as happy as I am right now, and I am so excited to continue to further my knowledge and grow in the company!"

We want to work with you! If you would like to inquire about any potential business development opportunities or Lunch and Learn's with Prevost Construction, please contact Business Development Manager, Taylor Prevost, at

For the past 25 years, Prevost has completed a number of landmark construction projects in the San Diego area. We specialize in all areas of commercial tenant improvements including: Class A Office/corporate office environments, life science/bio-tech facilities, building re-imaging, retail/food service, R&D manufacturing and ground up & built-to-suit.

Since 1989, Prevost has provided expert guidance in the management of the construction process and carefully conducts each project from conception to completion with one goal in mind - an  amazing customer experience!
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