The Lost Abbey Tasting Room | 
Cardiff Towne Center 

Prevost Construction is currently building Lost Abbey's newest tasting room, "The Confessional," near Seaside Market in the Cardiff Towne Center. The 1,202 SF tasting room will accommodate up to 49 people and feature an L-shaped bar, with a finish theme mixture of wood and stainless steel. Operable windows will allow both ocean air and outdoor light to encourage patrons to enjoy tasters, pints, and growler fills of their favorite Lost Abbey and Port Brewing lineup of custom made brews. "Cardiff has always been one of my favorite beach communities," said Director of Brewery Operations Tomme Arthur. "We love its fiercely independent feel and a love of the local beaches makes it a special place for us." The Confessional is slated to open at the end of 2014 or early 2015. The architect is Tom McCabe of McCabe Architecture. The Prevost team consists of Mike Soth as Senior Project Manager, Roger Shadwell as Superintendent, and Taylor Prevost as Project Coordinator. For more information about this project, please contact Mike at

Quidel Corporation | One Del Mar

Quidel Corporation is a leading provider of diagnostic healthcare solutions serving healthcare professionals across the globe with accurate and cost-effective diagnostic information. In collaboration with Ware Malcomb and Dave Bates from Hughes Marino Group, Prevost Construction demolished and re-built the existing 30,000 suite with upgraded, Class "A" finishes and specialized telecommunications infrastructure in sixteen weeks. The Prevost team coordinated closely with the tenant telecom and security vendors to deliver several video conferencing centers, and multi-purpose training areas which were all outfitted with state-of-the-art telecommunications and IT infrastructure. The server room construction featured complex IT, security, HVAC, and emergency power integration with the existing building systems and required early delivery as a key part of the successful delivery of the project. The Prevost Team included Steve George as Project Manager, TC Johnson as Superintendent, Jenny McMillian as Project Engineer, and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. For more information about this project, please contact Steve at

Five Thirty B | Downtown San Diego

Prevost Construction was awarded a series of renovation projects, in partnership with Kearny Real Estate, to revitalize Five Thirty B - an iconic office building that is situated in the heart of Downtown San Diego. In addition to refreshing the existing conference center, building lobby and elevator cabs, the Prevost team has delivered a new management office for Kearny on the 18th floor, as well as new spec suites on the 10th, 15th, and 19th floor of the building. ADA upgrades and restroom renovations have commenced on multiple floors while also coordinating the process of installing a Teflon coating installation by Nu Flow into all of the existing waste and storm water systems throughout the entire building. The new coating process was chosen in lieu of replacing all of the waste and vent piping within the building which resulted in a substantial cost savings to Kearny Real Estate.


The recently completed the upgraded conference facility on the 11th floor is the largest in downtown San Diego and includes a boardroom with seating for 22, and a training room that can accommodate up to 70. Both rooms have a dedicated lobby, restroom facilities, and a catering services area.


The lobby renovation is currently underway and will be due for completion by the end of October. Significant upgrades to the lobby will include traditional architecture mixed with modern aesthetics, as well as featured artwork from prominent San Diego artist, Matt Devine.

The architect for the projects at Five Thirty B is Jamie Salvo from Gensler. The Prevost Team consists of Dan Dickey as Senior Project Manager, TC Johnson as Superintendent, Matt Correira as Assistant Superintendent, and Raquel Varjabedian as Project Coordinator. For more information about Prevost Construction's work at Five Thirty B, please contact Dan Dickey at

Prevost Construction's Core Values
     Currently celebrating 25 years as a family owned general contractor, the faces of our employees and customers have changed over the years, but the original core values of Prevost have remained true. Founded in 1989 by John Prevost, the original concept of the company was to provide a future for the Prevost family. I was 21 at the time, with my 3 year old brother, Taylor Prevost, as the future generation that perhaps would someday work in the family business. 


     So began the family-focused, small company beginnings of Prevost Construction with core values that comprised of providing excellent customer service, honoring our commitments, and maintaining long term relationships. We decided in January to dedicate 2014 to "our people, our culture" - as I've come to realize that true business success comes from the people you "keep" in the company. While we've experienced ups and downs along with every other business over the past couple of cycles, we've retained some key employees that have passed the test of time. They continue to embody our original core values and exemplify behaviors that have contributed to our success in recent years. Since we are so adept at renovating commercial buildings, I decided it was time to "renovate & re-invigorate" the core values at Prevost Construction this year. It was an exciting, nine month long process that culminated this past September with an unveiling at our third quarter all hands meeting. 


     In reflecting on the process of what it took to get to this point, I realized that I learned a lot about the true culture of this company, about myself,  and most importantly, being true to our family values. When we unveiled the new core values, it felt like taking out a favorite pair of shoes that you hadn't worn in a while. That pair of shoes that you kind of forgot you had, and then remembering why they were your favorite shoes all along. They're comfortable, they fit just right, and they make you feel incredibly good when you wear them. I've truly enjoyed the experience of this process and am extremely happy with the result. Core values that truly define who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Feel free to read more on the attached link or experience for yourselves the next time you interact with anyone on the Prevost team. 


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Thank you for the past 25 years!

Prevost Construction, one of San Diego's leading family-owned general contractors, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year! For the past 25 years, Prevost has completed a number of landmark construction projects in the San Diego area. We specialize in all areas of commercial tenant improvements including: Class A Office/corporate office environments, life science/bio-tech facilities, building re-imaging, and R&D manufacturing.

Since 1989, Prevost has provided expert guidance in the management of the construction process and carefully conducts each project from conception to completion with one goal in mind - an amazing customer experience... every time!
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