These pants have dual zippers on the legs for venting. These zips are sort of diagonal across each thigh facing forward, so they should catch tons of air when open. And in the back there are two smallish, permanently open vents for air to escape. Also, the legs are larger in diameter to accommodate off road/adventure boots and so there is plenty of room for air to travel down the legs too. Along side those zip vents on each thigh are a couple zip close pockets for storage too.
Most off-road riders will have their own armor equipment for knees, so these pants don’t come with armor, but they do have pockets for the installation of armor if you want it. Adventure riders and dual sport riders may not have external armor rigs, so you can choose the D3O armor for knees and hips (see the links below). Either CE level one or two is available. For light duty pants like jeans, I usually recommend level 1 because the units are lighter and thinner, but in a heavy duty pant like this, level 2 would be my recommendation.
A lot of people who’d buy these pants will be wearing heavy duty boots, and the bottoms of the legs of these pants are set up to go over even the thickest, heaviest boot. But they also have strips of Velcro so you can decrease the pant leg size for less substantial footwear too.

Original MSRP $209.99 - $219.99
Was $162.99