Prince George's County Announced as 1 of 6 National Communities to Pilot Dementia Friendly America Initiative

Dear Friends,  


     I was excited to receive this Press Release from our County Executive announcing our County's designation as one of six counties nationwide to pilot a new Dementia Friendly Awareness Initiative for families and their caregivers. This program will hopefully give new hope and help to many families facing these personal and financial stresses. I will stay in touch with the new developments on this Pilot as they develop and share them with you.


     Please feel free to let me know if you or someone you know would like to be added to a special mailing list for any such announcements. You may contact me at or 301-858-3101.  


     Best to you all.   I hope you and your families are having a fun and safe summer.


Prince George's County Announced as 1 of 6 National Communities  
to Pilot Dementia Friendly America Initiative

In a groundbreaking national effort, a pledge for communities to provide supportive options and foster the quality of life for person with living with Dementia, called the "Dementia Friendly America Initiative," was announced yesterday at the White House Conference on Aging. The Dementia Friendly America (DFA) initiative is a cross-sector, national effort leveraging tailored resources and tools to equip all community sectors to support those with dementia and their caregivers and families. Prince George's County is 1 of 6 communities, nationwide, to pilot the dementia friendly initiative.  Other communities include: Tempe, AZ; Santa Clara County, CA; Denver, CO; Knoxville, TN; and the state of West Virginia.  Led by DFA, the communities are taking action by leveraging tailored resources in business, community-based services and supports, faith communities, health care communities, legal and financial services, local government and residential settings.  


"As a member of a family who is impacted by Alzheimer's, I know firsthand the needs of both those who suffer from the disease and their loved ones who become critical caregivers," said Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. "As a local government leader, I believe that all levels of government should do more on this issue by working in collaboration with the non-profit, faith, social services and science communities to assist our fellow residents who need support and assistance. I want to thank President Obama and the White House for hosting this important conference. Prince George's County is proud to partner with DFA in their efforts to raise awareness about Alzheimer's and related dementia's. We are committed to effectively meeting the needs of our citizens by helping to provide the best quality of life for those living with this illness."


The objective of the Dementia Friendly America Initiative is to foster dementia friendly communities across the United States that will support those living with dementia and their caregivers and families. A dementia friendly community is informed, safe and respectful of individuals with dementia and their families, provides supportive options, and fosters quality of life. The work toward dementia friendliness will involve:

*    Raising awareness about dementia and transforming attitudes;
*    Having supportive options that foster quality of life;
*    Supporting caregivers and families touched by the disease;
*    Promoting meaningful participation in community life and 

*    Reaching those who are undeserved.




By Authority of Friends for Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Elizabeth Ryan, Treasurer